The programme

The programme

This is a programme based on Calorie Counter’s workout plan just for me. I will try to stick to it and swap it around and increase the intensity every now and then to keep my body active.

Day 1: Cardio/HIT

Today will be an all Cardio day or a H.I.T..  I will try to improve my fitness with interval training or endurance by running out for at least 30-60min. At the end of the session a 10min core workout would be needed followed by a warmdown and a good all around stretch.

  • Warm up
  • 30-60min Endurance or Interval Training one the following:
    • Running (60min)
    • Rowing (15min),  Running (45min)
    • Cycling (30min) Running (30min)
  • 10min Core exercise try the following:
    • sit-up
    • jack knife
    • side crunches
    • plank
    • side plank
    • leg raises
  • 3-4min cool down
  • 10min Stretch

After note: You might want to start with around 20min on the endurance/interval training and proportionately split them. Then you gradually increase it.

Day 2: Weights

Today I am going to try to start with a warmup and then do a good strength workout to build muscle. This means trying to get around 8-12 rep of 3 sets, one of which should be a burnout rep (normally the last one, this is when you do it until you can’t do anymore). Then I will do some cardio of at least 20min on a low intensity on the fat burning zone. I will end with a cool down and  stretch.

To be continued… 

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