lately I haven’t been doing much towards anything, I was sick with a cold and I have just been sitting at home doing not a lot of things. I have just been playing a lot of games and watched tv shows.

What I should be doing is some reading and some writing towards my coursework. it’s week 5 of my course and I haven’t done much! I have to start ASAP!! I am going to screw things up if I carry on this way. Tomorrow I promise myself that I will read some pages and I will write something for my coursework. I will not play games and fuck around on the internet. I will do something constructive.

I have taken a lot of lemsip today and I hope things will clear itself out tomorrow so that I can move on and go to the gym and do something constructive.

I have to carry on and push myself as no one will do it for me, no one in the game I play and no one in my life will push me to where I want to be. 

Spending time at uni

It has been quite a while since I’ve spent sometime at uni, well mostly at the SU bar. The bar has sort of changed, it has new lighting which makes it all new and bright. I quite like it, but some say the new coat of paint won’t do much to improve the bar. Well I just think they are not looking on the bright side of things.

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Sick again

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After 2-3 weeks out of the cold and flu period I somehow caught something different. This time my lips are swelled up and I have this random caugh.

My lowest weight was reached 1 week ago. it was a at 92.7kg which is pretty amazing. Now it seems i am putting it back on, i got up to 93.7 and 94kg this morning.

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