Spending time at uni

It has been quite a while since I’ve spent sometime at uni, well mostly at the SU bar. The bar has sort of changed, it has new lighting which makes it all new and bright. I quite like it, but some say the new coat of paint won’t do much to improve the bar. Well I just think they are not looking on the bright side of things.

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From last week

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I realised from yesterdays entry that it is hard to summaries a whole week in one entry. So what I am going to do now is to post ever 2-3 days so that I can cover all the details.

Well carrying on from last week, when I was at the party I felt uncomfortable. The reason being is that the atmosphere and the lifestyle was new to me even though I lied that I’d been to parties to the girls and this one was a bit boring. But hey I had a great time in the end. I drank 3-5 bottles of beer and Guinness. And to tell you the truth it was the first time I’ve drank that much and I was still able to walk, converse, and I did not feel dizzy.

I was invited to stay, but left early when a lot of people came as I thought only a few would stay. But then a lot of people came down. And I didn’t want to intrude at all. So I left early. And also I thought my parents were mad at me to attend that party and they were not. They said I had to go and enjoy myself once a while.

Apart from that evening, I didn’t do no exercise or even attend the gym last week. I was so stressed and depressed before that night out. And what I discovered is that after that night out I felt great and I was not so depressed.

Well I still haven’t attended the gym since then, but I will very soon.

What I am planning now for the next 6 weeks is to get to 90kg. To reach to that goal I am planning on doing 2-4 session at the gym per week. With at least 2 extensive workout.

I will talk about my goal in my next entry.