Progress: Dropped from XL to Large

I can now confirm that Large is my new wardrobe size. The last time I can remember wearing a Large was probably 4-5 years ago. I might be around the same weight as then too. I remember weighing around 86-87kg which is roughly the same as now.

I believe whatever I am doing is working for me. I think this is a definitive progress as a few months ago I dropped from an XXL size to XL. If everything is going well I hope that in a few months I will be wearing a medium size or a tight fit sports shirt. All that is to be done is to carry on what I am doing and not to give up.

This loss of weight has mostly affected my trousers and jeans than my t-shirt. All of my trousers are too loose on me. To give you an idea, if I wear a belt on my jeans and if someone pulled my jeans down it will still go down as its barely hanging on me. Worst is that I cannot afford to pay for new trousers & jogging. 

I just realised that I dropped from an XXL to and XL size

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I was going through a few old jackets and clothes this morning and I realised some of them were xxl and now I am wearing XL size clothes.
I think this is a great achievement personally, dropping a cloth size.

I gain a little bit over this weekend as I had a BBQ and a pizza through saturday and sunday. I am now going to try go and fix my bike today and head to the gym.

I will see if they can fix my bike, if not I am getting a new bike.