lately I haven’t been doing much towards anything, I was sick with a cold and I have just been sitting at home doing not a lot of things. I have just been playing a lot of games and watched tv shows.

What I should be doing is some reading and some writing towards my coursework. it’s week 5 of my course and I haven’t done much! I have to start ASAP!! I am going to screw things up if I carry on this way. Tomorrow I promise myself that I will read some pages and I will write something for my coursework. I will not play games and fuck around on the internet. I will do something constructive.

I have taken a lot of lemsip today and I hope things will clear itself out tomorrow so that I can move on and go to the gym and do something constructive.

I have to carry on and push myself as no one will do it for me, no one in the game I play and no one in my life will push me to where I want to be. 

Spending time at uni

It has been quite a while since I’ve spent sometime at uni, well mostly at the SU bar. The bar has sort of changed, it has new lighting which makes it all new and bright. I quite like it, but some say the new coat of paint won’t do much to improve the bar. Well I just think they are not looking on the bright side of things.

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Tip #3: When at the door at girl’s house after a date


When you come back from a night out with a girl and you think a kiss will be a good time, make sure that she is up for it. A hint of not wanting anything is that she has the keys in the door or she is already halfway through the door before she tells you good night.
If she doesn’t want a kiss then, try say something like “I had a good time but hmmmm it could have been better. Well…. look i’m going for coffee tomorrow, want to tag along?….bring a book”