Articularis cubiti muscle

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Today I went down the gym and tried to look for a pair of running/gym shoes.

Here is my programme

  • 10min run/warmup at 10km/h+
  • 2min shake up stretch
  • 4 sets of 10 on my deltoids
  • 5 sets of 8 on my triceps
  • 3 sets of 15 of crunches modified with medicine balls with a twist
  • 3 sets of 10 leg raises
  • 3min run
  • stretches and went home

Before entering the gym I went to look for a pair of running shoes at Footlocker and JD sports but none of them had decent running/gym shoes.

They all had these old skool Nike airs with flat soles, which I do not like as they are a pure discomfort.

Back in the days there used to be good trainers now they all look funny or are only available in the bigger stores or on oxford street. I’m still looking for them…

1 foot tuna honey and oats Subway is bad


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I calculated a 1 foot tuna and cheese subway in a Honey and Oat bread is more than 600 Calorie!!

Wow I really messed up today, no more subway for me now.
I might have just taken  a fruit at Sainsbury and called it in.

This set me back by quite a bit, my average BMR is around 1900. ~
Let me calculate my intake :

comes out around 1600 so i didn’t do quite well, my burn should be around 500ish

Knowing when you are doing too much weight

A lot of people seems to be pushing themselves a bit too much and hurt themselves when doing weights. From reading a few article and some past experience a quick way of knowing when you are doing too much weights is understanding your body.

For example you have to see the responce of your body when lifting the weights around your 5th time, if you feel that your are making faces or your body or muscle is shaking drop down a few weight and just increase your rep.


if you are doing some triceps lifts starting at 25kg, your first 5 lift will seem easy but when you reach the 6th or 7th lift you seem that you are struggling to push it all the way up. You would normally feel a shake on your arm. Drop it down and drop a block of weight down to 21kg and do another 1-2 sets of 8 or 12 depending on what you had planned. I normally plan for 3 sets of  12 but if i feel I can’t do the new weights I go for 3 sets of 12 on a lower weight and 2 more sets of 8. This is good if you want to increase your endurance. 

26.06.08 – upper Body

Today at the gym I spent around 1 hour and a bit doing some upper body work and a little bit of cardio.
Here is my program today:

  • 6 min jogging/running 10 km/h interval to 8 km/h
  • 4 sets (12) of lats (35 kg)
  • 3 sets (15) quadtricept at 115kg+
  • 5 sets (10) pectoral/chest weight (25kg)
  • 3 sets (15) twisted crunch with medicine ball (6kg) … I felt that one
  • 3 sets (10) leg raises
  • 5 min run at 9-10 km/h
  • 5 min stretch throughout

My shoulder and back is killing me atm, even after a shower.

I have to say that after a few weeks working straight on my chest i can feel some muscle there which I haven’t had before.

Another thing that I have noticed recently is that my thigh has slimmed and whenever I sit down my flesh between my thigh do not touch as much as before.

I have also noticed that my forearm is much bigger and has a lot more muscle then before.

On a side note

I subscribed to men’s health Mag, and I must say this is the best mag I’ve ever laid eyes on as it has everything you would really want to know.

I recommend you pick one out for £3.50 at your local corner shop, and you’ll love it. I will post a small review on my next entry so be sure to read it.

Week 20, Started again to Week 1

Today I went to the gym using a different routine and it was pretty hard, I had a few cramps but i think its alright.

I  have also decided to start again on the count as I have hit a plateau and I just wanted to start fresh out with a healthy life in mind 24/7.

Today after gym I felt that I have accomplished something today.

I’ve done:

  • 5min warmup at 10km/h
  • 3 sets of lats
  • 3 sets of horizontal leg push
  • 3 sets of biceps weights
  • 3 sets of leg curls
  • 3 sets of triceps weights
  • 3 sets of medicine ball mixed with situps
  • 3 min jog
  • stretched for 4-5min

Looking at it seems that I’ve done too much. My body is steaming up still and I got a few back soars (which I like as it makes feel that I have done a lot).

Next time i will be concentrating on adding a few more sets on upper body, and then strengthening my lower body with bigger weights.

I will also add another core exercise in there.

Well we’ll see what happens. 


I have been attending gym for 6 months now and it feels great and I have seen results in the first 4 months but when i hit month 5 it went down the drain. In May I have been eating too much due to exams and lack of workout.

For the last 3-5 weeks I have gain a little and hit a plateau where nothing is changing.

I have done some reading and it seems that because of the pause in my routine it has affected my workout programme which affected my weight and diet.
So I have decided to change my routine and to change my gym routine fully.

Before I use to go 2-3 times a week at the gym now I am planning to go for it 3-4 times a week where I will be having cardio days and weight days.

My normal workout use to be:

15min jogging/warmup/sprint at max speed of 10-11 km/h
5min stretch
6min rowing
15min jogging/running/interval training
3 rep crunches
5min stretch

My new programme is based on an article in Men’s Health magazine where the programme is to do workout 5 days a week with cardio on Tuesday, Thursday and weights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I will post my new programme soon and post the outcomes of it. 

I’m B

I am B, I am a student on a part-time degree with a wonderful job.

I am starting this blog so that i have somewhere where i can express myself fully without anyone knowing who i really am.

I don’t want to give away to much about myself so that people don’t get offended when i talk about them.