Writing I have been looking at writing blog posts properly recently as I want to improve the quality of my posts and actually get good at writing essays/articles on certain subjects faster, clearer and to the point.

I found a few books on the subject, but the one that really got my attention is this one from Problogger on how to write a great blog content.

A comment on this is that there is a lot of bloody links and its all over the place. It does have some kind of structure to it, but ideally my thoughts are that when you’re writing a piece is to make the other person understand the point of the article faster in a structure.

I strongly believe structure and sequence is key and people want these kinds of articles and resource. I was stuck with information, analysis when I found inbound marketing by Hubspot, all I wanted is to learn how to get started, but the amount of information was all over the place and it wasn’t structured.

What I’ve learned

What I’ve learnt from the resources so far is that you need the following to make a blog content engaging and drive traffic.

  1. A compelling topic
  2. A carefully worded title that engages curiosity
  3. Structure & sequence in the content
  4. Headlines to break down the structure
  5. A point to the topic
  6. A call to action at the end for them to take a beneficial action.

Yes, it’s that easy and that’s all you have to do… No more running around and reading a lot more content.

If this was helpful, please leave a comment. 

Feeling shit

I really need to get my coursework out of the way today by 2pm, feeling a bit shit after getting a cold/run down of diseases, i don’t know…

I need to get this sorted out though.

i’ve locked myself back up with the chastity device, i’m getting my shoes (high heels) tomorrow.
Hopefully that will be nice to try on. I’m also contemplating on getting a fucking machine or going to an escort to fuck me in the ass.
Really don’t know if I should go for it or not, it’ll be a new experience for sure.

Today’s log on exercise… none because I feel shit.
Now that i’ve warmed up I need to get back on track on my studies and get this sorted out.


holidays starts now!

Finally I have on holiday for 21 days.

I am going to be very productive throughout my holiday I am going to try new things detox and lose weight all the way back to 80 kg.

I bought a skirt a female scat mortar than a lot of her in chastity for the whole duration except when I go see the girlfriend. Note myself with ship-loaded testosterone for the whole processes by next week I will hire a female prostitute to fluffy in the gas and to dominant me. I will also get a miniskirt high heels and where it from the house while no one is around. On occasions leave a butt plug in this.

I also bought a new enema kit. I clean my ass today; the new element is freaking awesome pretty quick as well. It has only taken me 3 to 4 minutes to clear my bowels.

Health: food =

With mucky bowels now would be a will to go and properly for 21 days. In a morning I’ll be eating 1. A glass of probiotics 2. Protein shake 3. Porridge with goat’s milk

At lunch 1. I’ll have salad with chicken or salmon 2. Or juice vegetables and fruit (I think I’ll get started on this either Sunday or Monday)

For dinner

  1. I will either get salad again or juice.

For work After clearing up my work log on Sunday or Monday will get back to my studies and my business.

For my charter ship studies I will try to break down the hall chapters and tried to study at all in a sequence that works.

For the first week I will try to accomplish my coursework by Sunday.

For my business I will stop planning for the book tomorrow. And start writing Saturday Sunday onwards and try to get as much as I can within the first two weeks. In that time I will also work on the website to get it done by next week. I will list all the pages and products that need to be created. Based on that I will try to throw traffic and second week to website deceived as an interest in purchasing or sign up to newsletter.

I will be mostly using Dragon Dictate to write the book and get an editor to run through the whole book. And get it published as soon as possible on the website for everyone to see. I will also publish it on Amazon to get traffic to the website.


I’ll be going to the gym every day in the morning and in the afternoon I’ll be skipping in a backyard with my skirt on in my chastity. As no one will be around or be able to go bottomless for the whole house. , I can’t wait to get my heels to try them on.

Will push myself and hard every day to do the exercise. On the days of rest I will do some home exercise to squat my ass into shape.

I will post updates everyday as now have so much in my hands.