Diet and work out plan

This is a reminder for me to look every now and then to remind me of what i need to fix in my diet and work out. What also works and doesnt

From recalling my old exercise that got me down to 75kg here was my work out.

Gym every day but different body part; this means, legs and shoulders, chest and tricept, back and biceps. but to get to this stage you need to build your momentum because it will be difficult to go gym everyday and do this.

work out component:

Each workout would have the main exercise (legs + shoulder, chest + triceps, back + biceps); but the flow will be like this:
10min cardio (2-3x a week it should be HIIT)
10-15min Abs (to exhaustion)
20-30 min on the work out to exhaustion; this roughly equated to 3 supersets in that sense
10-20min of cardio/cool down.

To start off I’d need to mix things up for me because of my body type and how i feel after.
jump start exercise should be like this:

10min cardio/hiit
10-15 abs
legs, back, chest

  • this can be : lunges, squats, pull downs, bent over row (one arm), bench press, cable machines (back and chest ),
    in between the sets I can do a mix of components such as the double up squat with the dumb bells on the side, also include lunges or any fast paced workout in between to keep me warm. If I don’t get to do many of those I’ll need to do some cardio in the end of the work out for at least 10min.

old diet

from what I can remember my diet was quite intense and strict, (and very bland). Sandwich nearly everyday and no dinner after 6pm.


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