Stress point

I feel stressed, angry and embarrassed because one of our client now wants 5 more sections than what we priced. Even though our states 2 sections.
what i am annoyed is that we will have issues and arguments with the clients because of that as they have sent us a requirement for 7 sections and i didn’t consider it as i thought they wanted for each floor.

# what you were doing

Checking my email, and found one from my employee asking for help with a situation.

# who you were with
on my own

# How you felt emotionally?
angry, embarassed, worried

#What you were thinking?
We won’t get paid for the work and that the client will get angry.

#What you started doing?
Worrying as to what would happen and potential responses from this

#How you felt physically?
shoulder is tense and don’t want to move

#Stress rating