Planning required

I have lost it again.
I need to start planning as my life is a bit all over the place.

No direction, etc….

I think I need to work out my diet/health plan, then look at the business goals and plan that.

I was actually thinking of moving this site to… but i decided not to.
its a bit too much of a hassle.

I feel a bit blank at the moment, not sure where to start.


I think the relationship is working ok atm, but needs to be maintained properly for my mind. My health has downgraded so that needs to be looked at.
I am thinking of taking a look at the Lean in 15 –

I am planning on selecting a few of the meals on the page and get the ingredients to follow through with it.

In terms of business there is an ever growing list of things to do.
The problem is priority.
And there is never a problem with what to do, its what to do first.
soo many things to do, one at a time.

Maybe i need to look at breaking down things or even setting up goals and work a portion or allocated time towards it?

Let’s take a crack at it:


Setup a Marketing meetup group
Get ISO 9001
Establish business to be top of the list for surveys on Google by reducing cost on PPC
Make website an authority in our topic

just thing…should i work on separate trello and add things to it slowly? let’s test this out.
basically i’d setup separate trello for big business goals.
Improve SEO
Improve PPC
ISO 9001 – Adding procedures
Improve Website
General Business Tasks

let’s go and take a look if that would work.

basically I would create separate trello boards with these business goals to try resolve