Dancing Monkey

I think i have dancing monkey syndrome, i am not progressing my game at all. …




however I saw a post from an instructor and it seems to be a good fix for this.


Aims to fix this issue:

I need to fix Attraction; Attraction is to demonstrate that you want her but you don’t need her. Being needy is not good. That’s why the attraction material works to demonstrate that mindset.

If you’re comfortable towards her that means you’re confident around her which is sub-communicate you’re already around hot women and know how to deal with them. Pre-selection.

Showing that you’re comfortable around her (if she is hot), will sub-communicate confidence which will demonstrate pre-selection. Pre-selection because she will put you in the same category as guys who can deal with girls of her standard as you’re not phase by her.

the inner game here is not to be affected by others and your thoughts are strong and not weak. Your thoughts should be she’d want to fuck you.


A few points to remember about Attraction material:

  • Attraction material is the pepper and not the steak
  • Don’t make teasing the main point of interaction and pushing and pushing pushing.
  • Attraction should be fun, fun, normal, fun, sexual, fun, normal, normal, fun, sexual, fun, normal, normal, sexual, fun, normal and so on.
  • Be Sexual
  • Convey strong masculinity and ownership of your sexuality.
  • Proximity and body language
  • You don’t know her yet
  • you’re not that interested in her.
  • Her looks just got her foot in the door


Application of being social

Go out tonight and feel that you own the venue and act that you do. You’ll give that vibe of confidence, you have to fake it until you make it. Basically this ties up to my theory of warming up the venue by being social. this gives your brain to opportunity to warmup the social nodes to allow you to talk.

Technical aspects


Find a few key transitions that you can use. What are transitions?

basically starting new threads the following ways are to transition:

– Cold Read

He: you look very tall, how do you feel to be the king of the midgets? *while pointing to the other shorter people*

Also a good way to go about it is  @OMG, x…..@


Just keep doing trigger words

Cold reading

Best exercise here is to take every question and reframing it to statements? basically do you remember the things you want to get to know from the girl? well try to rephrase them to statements:

Turn your questions into statements

What do you do for a living?

you look like a stripper or an accountant, i can’t tell which one.

you look like a gangsta or lawyer, i can’t tell which one

you look like you sell drugs or lawyer, i can’t tell which?

you look like you are either stay at home mum or fashion designer, i can’t tell which one.

Where are you from?

you’ve got an accent, where is that from?

You’ve got a distinct style you are not from London are you?

You look very polite you must be African?

You seem very polite you must be African?

You’ve got this aura are you an america hippie?

OmG, its so great that i’ve found someone from Nigeria

After handshake wow crazy handshake, where did you learn that from?

what is your passion and dream?

hey you look like you don’t belong here, you seem elsewhere

you’re probably a teacher you’ve got the “save the world  vibe about you”

You seem like you’re on a mission of some sort, you’re letting of this vibe of i need to be successful

I can tell that you’re a very passionate person on the way you set yourself to others, your style and stance. You must be very passionate or creative when you do something. I bet you’re working on something at the moment.


Are you adventurous?

Hey I couldn’t stop noticing you’ve got a good stance, shows you’ve got confidence, are the type of girl who’s outgoing?

You look bored, I bet you’re as fucking crazy and hyperactive as I am! It must itch you to sit still?

I bet you’re itching to do something crazy and adventurous

Are you healthy?

Hi my name is kaps handshake…wow! You’ve got strong handshake for a girl do you do judo or any sports?

Omg check those guns are you a marathon runner or judo warrior?

Check those arms, are you into the military or a boxer!

Are you getting hyper again.??….because you’re really cute when you’re hyper

Are you studying?

Hey you look like some serious bookworm, how many books can you eat in a week? I mean read!!!

Wow you’ve got dead serious strong eye contact I bet you watch a lot of video games or TV.

Do you travel?

You’ve got this vibe about you, you seem you have travelled a lot of places or know a lot of people, I just cant tell.

Hey you’ve got this accent, I really love people who love to travel it shows that they have a  lot of cultural knowledge, have you travelled much?


Wow it looks like you’ve got a tan, have you been anywhere recently?





Here a disqualifier is a good technique to demonstrate that you’re not hitting on her and you chose not to be interested in her, it should be positive and that you’re not disqualifying her because of anything bad about her, that qualification in its sense if you IOD on something you don’t like, demonstrates boundaries.


It shows :

  1. you’re not easy
  2. shows your not hitting on her
  3. demonstrates value sub-consciously



You and I are not going to get along.


Actionable disqualifiers:

Not buying her drinks and not giving in to her tests and the such when she asks early on in the conversation.


DHV types

  1. 1.    she observes it
  2. 2.    she learns of it from a trusted personal source, like a friend
    1. a.    she sees a picture of me with the owner of restaurant
    2. 3.    She learns of it from a neutral source
      1. a.    She sees a picture of me with the owner of the restaurant
      2. 4.    She learns of it from a source that is biaised to me, like my friend.
        1. a.    My friends tells her that I am friends with the owner of the restaurant
        2. 5.    I tell her
          1. a.    I tell her that I am friends with the owner of the restaurant


Oh shit moments

Some statements that you can use when you can’t think of anything:

  1. Why do you hate jesus?
  2. Are you racist
  3. Is that a threat?
  4. Give me your purse!…yes that’s right, that’s what we do, I steal money off small girls
  5. So basically you’re trying to ruin my life (marriage/divorce role-play)




Body Language:

  1. straight
  2. shoulders back
  3. chin up
  4. smile on your face (shit eating grin as though you know something they don’t)
  5. don’t ever face the girl until she faces you
  6. include takeaway


some email I sent my student.

think about this for tomorrow:

to include in conversation to demonstrate intent

“are you single” < shows youre interested for gf/bf or sex However we need to get her to fall into you that you don't want to be commited: say something like this after an observation (physical - the way she dresses or verbal - talks about herself) "you know what I like about you, I love the fact that you're a free flow girl and not needy. like that in a person shows independance" or something like that, i just made that up right now but you want to say what you want her to be and say you love girls like that and she'll jump in and qualify to you to be that girl and hopefully she won't be committed. Also another good one I use for SNL game is role plays where shes a player (role reverse) that she is picking you up and all she wants is to fuck you and you're a virgin. or some shit like that. Just my thoughts, I was writing my log and I was like SHIIIEEETT yeah forgot about these fuckers to use for your sticking point. Also a quick note regarding last night when you finish the Bootcamp. Always warm up! warm up with indirect/situational openers like we used yesterday. for example the following themes We're not from around here we need your help in x what the fuck is she wearing it reminds you of x what the fuck is this (point at tattoo or piercing) you want to ask her an opinion about some crazy shit your friend was talking about (think about strange relationship questions or weird social situation and ask for her advice) guess where she's from (where she isnt from like "omg you're from nigeria, fucking cool") after that you do your direct openers when you see the girls you want to open you look gorgeous/pretty/cute/adorable REMEMBER TO TOUCH also always end the night with a weird shit like go to a set or two and ask that you want to milk her tits. anyway thats' my style for having a good night out with your buddies. Take in what the other instructor say and try their style. P.S. we need to play a game with the girl on saturday! Marry, Fuck and kill! (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=marry-fuck-kill)