Planning required

I have lost it again.
I need to start planning as my life is a bit all over the place.

No direction, etc….

I think I need to work out my diet/health plan, then look at the business goals and plan that.

I was actually thinking of moving this site to… but i decided not to.
its a bit too much of a hassle.

I feel a bit blank at the moment, not sure where to start.


I think the relationship is working ok atm, but needs to be maintained properly for my mind. My health has downgraded so that needs to be looked at.
I am thinking of taking a look at the Lean in 15 –

I am planning on selecting a few of the meals on the page and get the ingredients to follow through with it.

In terms of business there is an ever growing list of things to do.
The problem is priority.
And there is never a problem with what to do, its what to do first.
soo many things to do, one at a time.

Maybe i need to look at breaking down things or even setting up goals and work a portion or allocated time towards it?

Let’s take a crack at it:


Setup a Marketing meetup group
Get ISO 9001
Establish business to be top of the list for surveys on Google by reducing cost on PPC
Make website an authority in our topic

just thing…should i work on separate trello and add things to it slowly? let’s test this out.
basically i’d setup separate trello for big business goals.
Improve SEO
Improve PPC
ISO 9001 – Adding procedures
Improve Website
General Business Tasks

let’s go and take a look if that would work.

basically I would create separate trello boards with these business goals to try resolve




Not being taken seriously…

I am not being taken seriously at work, for some reason I am lowering myself to others at work when I know I shouldn’t. for some reason I am acting shy, child looking, and I know that I am doing it only after the event.

it seems I have no control as to why I am doing this.
it seems that I am seeking attention and validation from others.

I don’t know why I am doing this… is this because I am not confident in undertaking the task or I don’t know anything.
Should I just keep quiet and do my work? maybe so, I think that should be my strategy going forward before i damage my rep.

I feel that I am weaker in front of the others QS and stronger mentally against the other people.
I keep seeking attention for every little thing.
I need to stop this.

I need to be consciously aware of that and stop myself from commenting and adding my opinion. maybe it’s that I don’t have anyone around me to talk to that I am being led that way.

I want to change I want to be better. I want to be perceived as a person with control, I don’t feel like I’ve been given the chance to get into that place.

tomorrow I am going to crack on with my work, hard and concentrated.
I’ll list out the prioritise and the sequence at which I need to work to. I will be calm and take time to respond to others.
I know I am good at this and charismatic.
I need to be the best because I am the best.

I want to slow everything down, my thoughts, etc.…
I am in control and I don’t need to seek their help.
I don’t need them, I can work it out myself and do it slowly and up to the quality. I don’t need to seek their approval.

this feeling I would call it shaky, it is when I am not in full control and I am seeping out confidently against others.
this lack of concentration isn’t helping at all.

tomorrow when I wake up I need to give myself some time to relax and meditated. I need to concentrate at the task at hand and be fully conscious of my surrounding.
I need to be my best self.
I am the best.
in regards to writing content, I did a little bit of it for my dad’s website, but the problem is that I don’t know anything about the subject that would be valuable. I am learning while I am writing. Which is a pain…..

However, I am planning on writing an article on payment terms and the housing grant this week. I will use this for my RICS as well as my business blog.
I think I will enjoy this. I am aiming at producing a mind map by the end of tomorrow.

and on the back burner I am thinking of breaking down the studies of the RICS APC. I will use the study guidelines and work my way out of it. I will work on this on the weekend and write shit loads.
I’ll probably end up at a Starbucks in central London and kick back with my laptop and write away. at the end of the day, my new-found philosophy is to write my way to success by developing detail information about the industry through writing.
All it takes is a few 1000s word and you’re knowledged enough about a certain topic. I think in addition to writing it is the constant repetition of that subject that makes you a great person in that field.

I was also thinking about a niche within the market that has some demand of some sort, the NEC and BIM ideally. The NEC contract is growing its market share every day, and BIM is a new government initiative that most construction will need to adhere too. I think we should take a look at the implementation in HK on how they deal with the Building information modelling there and what they include here. Learn from them and add on?

well anyway I’m knackered, I’ll crack onto this tomorrow and get the most of tomorrow. Be on top of things. 


Writing I have been looking at writing blog posts properly recently as I want to improve the quality of my posts and actually get good at writing essays/articles on certain subjects faster, clearer and to the point.

I found a few books on the subject, but the one that really got my attention is this one from Problogger on how to write a great blog content.

A comment on this is that there is a lot of bloody links and its all over the place. It does have some kind of structure to it, but ideally my thoughts are that when you’re writing a piece is to make the other person understand the point of the article faster in a structure.

I strongly believe structure and sequence is key and people want these kinds of articles and resource. I was stuck with information, analysis when I found inbound marketing by Hubspot, all I wanted is to learn how to get started, but the amount of information was all over the place and it wasn’t structured.

What I’ve learned

What I’ve learnt from the resources so far is that you need the following to make a blog content engaging and drive traffic.

  1. A compelling topic
  2. A carefully worded title that engages curiosity
  3. Structure & sequence in the content
  4. Headlines to break down the structure
  5. A point to the topic
  6. A call to action at the end for them to take a beneficial action.

Yes, it’s that easy and that’s all you have to do… No more running around and reading a lot more content.

If this was helpful, please leave a comment. 

Planning my hourglass marketing – how to build like and trust guide

I am currently reading a book on designing my own course, the reason why I am reading this short book (only took 20min to read with Ireadfast app), is to educate my customers to get a good understanding of the product/services.
I know its a bit too deep in sense of educating someone but I rather do it nicely and not waste too much time. I’m not going to spend a lot of time analysing it but I am just posting my thoughts on the matter and what I am planning to do.

The principle is that you have to gear your course to the customer and where they currently are. The author had a great analogy of how would you teach baking to someone who needs it. Is she a pro or someone who never cooked in her life?
We also need to consider where she needs to go with the course. Does she just wants to get Freaking good or just be able to learn to cook a cake in her life?
simplicity vs complexity really… Don’t make something too complex or comprehensive unless that is point of the course. But in my mind I don’t need to go complex but I just need convince and make them trust me on the product I am selling. I am tapping into a lot of people who are unaware that they can learn social skills to get a girlfriend or boyfriend, even better yet to build a really good social circle. it’s aim for single guys and girls who are feeling alone on the weekend.

Therefore we need to identify where they are and what we’re tying to achieve.

Identify where the customers are = unaware of the problem
and what outcome I want them to achieve = starting a journey (or the call to action) get them to initially take a step into this world of self development) and my mode of delivering this value is with a big WHY! and big movement really.

I think starting with a movement will be much better and will come within people when I connect with them.

These are the steps I found out from the book
1. find out about the customer and where they are (use the hourglass marketing funnel that will help)
2. once you’ve done that identify the goal of the course (educating them on XXX to get XXXX) the one I have at the moment is to educate them to show them another option other than online dating, make them aware, build trust and make them believe it is possible. Providing valuable insights on getting it is pretty descent.
3. my own addition = Prepare a rough step by step of where you want it to go
4. Brain storm what would be important to talk about and implement
5. Prepare sequence and steps from the mind map
6. Identify on each node which steps has a precedence to be able to undertake that step. For example you can’t build a roof on a building without building the foundation and the walls.
7. Keep asking yourself what is the next logical step to reach the outcome
8. Double check the sequence back and forth to see if everything just makes sense in that sequence
9. Prepare your content page
10. prepare a list of things that they’ll need to have to be able to take the course in the end and a summary of the expected outcome from it. Be honest!
11. Keep the content 15–20min each to get it very concise and to the point (ideally get a few slides where I’ll be talking 2–4min each)

Some additional tips from her were:
1. resist the temptation of going to deep, if you’re offering an introduction course then keep it as an introduction and if they want to learn more than do so.
2. Keep it short and simple and don’t over complicate things
3. Just place a placeholder if it needs a deeper explanation and just cover the top level surface.

Now that I understand what I need to design the course I will start with the steps I just outlined and work my way up.

That’s it for now I’ll do some work and post some updates on what I am doing.

Resources used:

Progress on business and just submitted the course


I just submitted my coursework today for the arbitration course. I’ve got one more to go that is due next monday…that’ll ruin my weekend again. After this I’ll be free for a few months. But I’ll have to get my head in gear to study the procurement questions, etc….


I spoke to a few people from a business group online in Chicago, they seem like they’re making money.

I could potentially help them out on some projects while learning the ropes on affiliate marketing and push things forward mad on getting some more money.

At the moment I am following charlesngo’s blog on affiliate marketing and other productivity tips that he has.

Affiliate plans

My aim today is to get the ball rolling by preparing the landing page for a first test to straight sales… to my affiliate product.

I will see if that is going to help in the purchase or not. The basic test is to either go straight to the purchase or go straight to the companies landing page.

For now I will copy some of the copy on the website and place it on the landing page.

Then i’ll forward them to Ls’s landing page for the product.

So re-summarised the flow of customers will be of the following:

Flow chart of my campaign test
Flow chart of my campaign test

The reason why I am doing this is to test to see if LS’s landing page is any good for conversion or if my landing page is so good that I can entice for direct purchase.


In regards to the ads variation I’ve decided to use Qwaya and create a 1000’s of variance of the ads and let it run for a while to find the best title.

I’ll be running the test  on one city and then grow it out from there onwards to see a growth in there. The product is market penetration really and not something that is already there therefore I don’t have to compete against anyone else in this niche.

Within those I’ll retarget again for different age groups

  • 17-21
  • 22-25
  • 26-30
  • 31-35
  • 36-40
  • 41+
Target Market Breakdown
Target Market Breakdown

The reason why I’ll be running a lot of variable for the ads. 10 ads at most that I am fairly confident would work.

The plan:


Plan for ad variation on Facebook
Plan for ad variation on Facebook

I’ll be spending around $100 on the ads to see which one hooks and which one doesn’t on a CPC basis to get massive amount of clicks.


I am not disclosing what I will be advertising for now until I get something running.



The idea is to setup qwaya to increase my bid until I start getting 1000+ views on each add on CPC.

If I don’t get any clicks in 24 hour once I’ve reached the minimum bid that allows for fast reach of views then I drop it.

I need to get at least 1% CTR on the ads to keep them and analyse. I am getting too little on these ads I’ll drop em.

I’ll be running the ads next week but there is a lot to prepare and do…

  1. 10-20 ad variance  with different angles
  2. Landing page
  3. Checkout

I’ll be brainstorming the ideas on mindmeisters and copy problems vs solutions that the product offers on its current landing page.


Tonight’s homework is to generate the problem vs solutions of the product from mindmeister and then go from there to create 10 ad variance.



p.s. feel much better after writing this blog post and submitting my coursework this morning. 

Hate the business mastermind

I was signed up to  business mastermind of 5 guys recently for business.

It went great at the start but eventually these guys were more interested in going out to pickup chicks rather than building a business.

I hate the fact that they are selfish about it and take take take….

they don’t give a shit about my goals and the such.

I’m just really annoyed atm with them.


Seems like I’ll have to go about this on my own and be self accountable through my blog.

I have decided to start doing the whole affiliate marketing business on my own. There is a lot of work to be done and a lot of preparation to get started.

My plan is to prepare a lot of different segmented ads across United states cities, China, India and the Uk.

With those each of them will have a different segment for each age group that means each age group will run their own ads, etc….

At the moment I want to test out which ads would bite from the iteration of 1200+ value proposition and different values in the ads.


Once I’ve done the ads I will prepare a really good landing page + video presentation. I will use camtasia and powerpoint to explain the benefits and values in the video.

I will prepare a written script first and then start up with the power point slide. It doesn’t matter on the length but as long as there is a lot of value being demonstrated in that video it is fine.

I’ll start of explaining the why before we start the video to get people’s buy in into the whole concept.

In regards to the mastermind, fuck em. not interested to share with them any of my success, etc…  I rather work on my own and do my own stuff.

they’re useless and selfish people.