About me

I started this blog as a place to release my thoughts, anger and emotions anonymously, but I gradually started to reveal myself to accept that this place is a log for myself to read in the future and allow friends of mine to read it too (I won’t push them to find it, if they find it, great, if not well I’m not too fused). It now has become a place to where I post things that I should try to improve on, like a log or side note to my life on what I do and think.

I don’t want to think of this in the following way, but I see this as a place to talk to myself at times. Weirdo? that’s what you might be thinking right? well I thought that too. I dunno…really… it feels good when I blog my daily or weekly activities.

My challenges for 2010 are:

  1. To be the best that I am
  2. To wake up early everyday
  3. To say yes to friends
  4. To help anyone in need
  5. To be Positive all the time, even when things go bad
  6. To earn the respect of many
  7. To be the person that everyone looks up to
  8. To be creative
  9. To have everyday like it was the last
  10. To enjoy it all
  11. To become more organised
  12. To be ready for nearly everything
  13. To build my body to condition for any task and any weather

For each of the challenges above I will try to dissect how I will try to achieve them, to give myself a reality check on them.

This blog will be my log of my journey to my life, my new life. I will share all my experiences, all the good ones and learn from the bad. 

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