Finally some time to myself

ahhh finally some time to myself today. i am at home, chilling, and waiting for the cleaners to clean up my things. I am going to go to the pharmacy today to pick up my prescription. I was a bit naughty with the breakfast this morning. I had 2x pain au chocolat.

the aim today is to finish the majority of the essential pages of the site. This means getting the stuff down on paper/design + also start looking at the web copy. i need to ask my dad for the reviews of the web copy so that i can upload them. once this is done we need to identify all the pages on the site that needs converting.

the MacBook seriously needs a touch screen. its mad that they dont have any. i don’t think they are ferocious enough to get that business done properly.

i am going to go to the pharmacy later around 11 or so to pickup my medication. i am also going to look at review the adwords this week for the last 7 days’ of data. i will tackle the search terms as well as some ad creative.

thinking about it i should really be focusing on the writing element this morning. so i should finish up some of the web copy today or mind map at least…so that i can upload it online for review or even get ideas for the website. i need to start a mind map of all our benefits and value proposition even if they are the same as other competitors but we should try to highlight it to others.

i think this is what i am going to do this morning for 30min or so. tackle the mind map.

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