in bed

in bed cold this morning. I guess i do need a couch or something.
i need to plan the Xmas holidays as well as NYE with the family and friends. It has been awesome sleeping over at Olivia’s.
last night we had our regular four-play and I ended up coming a lot all over the place.
i think its the first time she’s seen someone ejaculate.
she was laughing and kept saying sorry. There was nothing to be sorry about!.

i’ve got a call with HR today to discuss my health and me coming back to work in new years. i don’t know quite sure what i need to do and how its going to play out.
i don’t even know if i should go back to the same department or another. if i do go back there will be that tension still and the stress may come back, it will all depend on how strong i am to push these additional work away from me.
if i do change department i’ll feel guilty leaving the old department and lose friends, progress in this long term project.

i just bought a new theme from bootstrap and it looks aMAAZING! i have to update our site to that theme. its unreal! so clean and so professional. no way this can be that awesome!.

ok anyway, i’m working on it now to see if i can get it all up and running in time for this. gosh the page is still unpacking. its mental.
the new template is called purpose.
i’ll get this out of the way fairly soon and push for a final list of pages to be completed.
the aim is to publish something by friday.

sometimes dropbox just sucks in terms of speed, it doesn’t really connect, etc…

i have to setup the main template from scratch, reload everything up.
i also need to review the content published on upwork later on.

i love the new template
i need to commission out some of the icons for the site.

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