today i feel a bit ok. I was really tired this morning. but i am glad i finished my book, the relic, last night. it was awesome!

well detailed and explained. I love the facts and the intensity of the book.

today i am going to rest and not go cycling or exercise. i may need to go to the pharmacy later to pick up my prescription.

i also need to resolve this job post that i created to hire someone in to do the job. I think this is priority for me today. I also bought a used gitbit. it does the job and i’m glad im tracking my sleep, etc…

im in bed this morning while the cleaner is cleaning the place up.

I will move out of her shortly once i’ve regain my legs back! bloody pins and needles.

once i sort out the upwork thing, i am going to look at writing up a plan for the display marketing. after reading the book on getclients now i see that marketing is a system and not a magical thing. i need to update and work on it on a continuous basis.

I need to start off with just getting more clients aware of our business. I will take a look at the locations and towns of the enquiries and see where we are mostly tasked to undertake the job. I’ll downlaod the report and do that.

I also need to double check all the landing pages if they are working and propbably make them static. From there I could just display the static images and that is it.

  • Download the landing page report
  • Check each page to see what’s working
  • see if they work
  • download them into html
  • Host them/or change the locations
  • The next thing
  • I need to download the list of ads, identify the changes and prepare a weekly report to review
  • From there we can understand what is performing on a weekly basis.
  • i will then need to spend some time to remove and improve the CTR of these ad copy. The problem is that there are loads of factors.

Display marketing

  • I need to write a plan up to see what needs to be done for the display marketing. I understand that this is going to take some time and work. my idea is that i can add 1 display ad every week/2-3 day and write an article to support it so that i can build a following. but this means that i need to design the blog page for the main site via django.
  • I dont think this is going to be hard. I can use disqus as the commenting system for the site and build upon that.
  • i think it will not take toooo long to build. I can use the same design scheme as wordpress for the listing, and writing setup so that i can just write up the code. i need to find a good IDE that i can add to the page and just crack on.
  • I will also need to add an upload page for documents, etc… and build a insertion page that displays all the files’ link or whatever
  • but all these details will become clear once i get to this section . I am going to think and run it at the back of my head for now and wait.
  • Later i’ll do this

I think my hands are full for now so I think i am going to get started with the above.

for the rest of the day, i just need a quick clean, and go for a walk to get the soft tacos for later. if not i need to find a place for olivia and I to go for dinner or something tonight. As its cold i am not to keen to go for a walk but it should feel good doing some exercise.

Sometimes i feel that i am a pig, i am so dirty at home and i dont clean up after myself. i need to read that book on cleaning after myself and also get more books from the pentergas series.

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