August update


Its been hectic for teh past couple of weeks.

I finally have taken a break for myself from everything too hectic or meeting people. I’ve been cycling non-stop for 6 days now and its just aching all over. I am going to my parents tonight and then rest for the next 2-3 days.

I am so so aching these days but i am losing weight. I am trying to work on myself as much as I can and also work on my dad’s website.

today i am in a nice little costa in kingscross and I am planning on doing some work on the adwords marketing for my site. its raining outside and I just want to curl up and sleep. There is a lot to do but meh… another thing i want to do is listen to an audiobook all night.

i need to take some time off from all of this and do nothing. I dont want to work anymore, i do like my job but i am fed up with everything going on. it is stressing me out.

i am going to download the marketing data today and remove any crap words into the filtration and add any interesting keywords on the system. 

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