my idea that im working on

After speaking to my counsellor today i feel better and pushing forward to be positive.

I also think that going cycling or whatever pushes me to get better and being on top of things. I knew that doing some exercise would push me to get better. All i am doing now is riding around catford / bellingham to see things around.

I think just cycling around to see things helps.

the idea that i am working on is selling size 3 shoes. i know its so specific but it is something that could potentially work. the only downfall with this is that I am not a woman and I am not great with what’s great.

The best thing for me to do is to ask the market what they want. Especially ladies with small feet, I think specialising in small shoes could potentially help.

here is a list of things i need to do:

  1. Prepare a website – identify the categories of shoes and how they are shown + prices so that we can upsell these to the market.
  2. identify a list of shoes and prepare a structure for the website
  3. Pick a few shoes from the website where they are made in leather or of high quality material that we can order and test.
  4. Understand the market and if there is a demand – how ? – give away 10-20 pairs of shoes from a selection of 24 pairs on the website in return they review and provide a feedback of the shoes. we need to make the questionaire long enough to justify the return on investment. the idea is for them to browse through the site looking at different menus and section for the shoes.
    1. the questionnaire needs to identify the location of these people
    2. the facebook profile (which includes all their age, etc…)
    3. what they are looking for
    4. their pain point and how they have been solving it
    5. ideas of solving it and what the current market is and how they go about resolving their current problem.
    6. also if there is a current problem with finding the shoes.
    7. what are they looking for in shoes
    8. what other problems do they face when ordering online?
  5. test the questionnaire
  6. Gather information on the type of searches they make on the website as well as the pages they view on the site so that we understand what they are looking for. This gives us a good indication of how they use the website and also what they look out for. it will seriously help us build a better website and understand the users on it.
  7. This will also help us narrow down the shoe sizes/style and colour we need to look out for
  8. Allow the customers to design and identify a manufacturer willing to design and manufacture the shoes for us. Only make 10-20 pairs but at one size.
  9. we need to also target pinterest/instagram/facebook to allow us to collect enough information about shoe sizes.
  10. prepare marketing before all holidays, especially xmas to try sell these shoes on time.


the next thing i need to do is list all my assumptions down on the problems of selling this product. 

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