feeling better today

today i am feeling a bit better, i didn’t do much. but i am aching all over my body.

i wasn not able to do my work work as i just was focusing on my self and watching tv.

i am currently closing my eyes to type.

interesting how far we’ve grown.

especially when i just posted  a post about a 10 year anniversary. i am not feeling to great interms of aching today.

i am not feeling lonely which is good. i guess. but i have no motivation.at  all…..


i dont want to do anything in my life right now.

is this normal? ..just googled it is normal.

i am wlistening to artemis…it is interesting well performed i guess.

i like the 1 person view and minds eye over things. it helps numbs out. i mean audiobooks helps numbing out the pain and stress from it all.

i am losing my memory now and then, time just flies and i dont like this.

another month just passed by and i’ve done nothing to help.

i just want to give up work and not do anything its so pointless.

i just dont want to do things.

i  want to have a normal life but dont want to do things to get to it.

i want a normal body, ..ripped and slim. i just want a normal body,

mdy body is aching. i feel so weak.

my fingers are hurting typing.other than that i setup a new server using plesk. which is great! its like having laravel forge but like everything and well managed via aws. i just need to make sure i can back it up now and then.

i dont really feel for janet anymore. i just feel normal no nothing anymore. i left the keyrings on the table at my parents. ineed to return it to her at some point.


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