weekend of meditation, sort of?

this weekend i stopped working on things. i just did thing i wanted to do.

not other people’s things.

its quite surprising that i have been wasting soo much time on people around me. wasted – literally.

i need to start saying no.

default is no


i’ve found a few books on blinkist on this. Will listen tomorrow on the way to work.

I’m kinda dreading and looking forward to work. i’ve got my review tomorrow. so should be ok.

I think i prefer diary writing online rather than on paper. its faster to jot down things off your mind.


that’s good i guess..


i spent Saturday – meditating, gym for 3-4 hours. then i went to get food from breakfast club, and has a pizza.

i really need to think of going out to Catford and making new friends in and around this part of the woods.


What i’ve learnt today.

after listening to think and grow rich- biggest takeaway is to focus on a goal.

focus on what you want, then write a plan on how you want it done.

for now my plan is to get a flat stomach in 3-4 months.

the plan is to focus on the nutrition and work on doing training in the morning.