i have been with my gf for nearly 5 years now.
its been a good ride. yesterday we’ve taken a break from each other.

she has been distant since monday.
Everything was fine on the weekend and sunday.
Then poof monday there’s no more talking.

were not talking anymore.

i made it clear to her that she needs to reply to me when she is ready.

i am also losing concentration.
I don’t know where to go with my life at the moment.

My health has gone down the pan, my mental health down the pan.
i am finding it hard to go to the gym. Today i wanted to go to the gym, i couldn’t because i was busy, frustrated.

I woke up at 10ish to go to the acconutant to drop off my passport, and other documents. I need to go pick it up tomorrow.

i am finding it hard to remember things.

I went to the GP today late in the evening. I need to go to the gp on Friday around 4:00pm on the 6th.

hopefully i’ll get a reminder a few days before friday the 6th of September.

i am also looking at getting a job in maidstone with my old cm.
hopefully it will be easy to deal with and i can manage this properly.

the doctor recommended I journal to help with my memory. I am just finding it really hard to remember.

I am quite annoyed at one of my employees as he is not able to do his job properly. The attitude that he has in dealing and preparing the job is that ‘I am in training’. I haven’t been shown it properly.
tomorrow we’re going to survey the back garden, put it in the software and set it out after.

It is quite weird that he cannot do the job properly.

our previous graduate we took on board was able to survey without any issues. He was able to pick up and use the instrument without effort.

it’s quite hard for me to teach someone who needs continuous attention as it is frustrating.
i don’t mind teaching as long as he can learn fast and willing to learn.

tomorrow’s plan is to wake up early and prepare for the training.

I really want to go gym.

i need to investigate ways to go gym and do slow weight lifting.
I cannot do crazy stuff.

the plan now is to do super slow of the following groups:

Chest + tricepts
back + biceps

we need to do 5-6 exercise per session.

so maybe we can do chest (2 exercise), 2 back, 1-2 arm exercise in one session. take 2 days and then do shoulder and legs., and go back at the chest ones.

or maybe focus on 3-5 exercise on the chest
chest press
chest fly
bar bell

then we have back:
low row
back fly
bent over row




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