plan for marketing

So for this, I am going to do the following:

  1. Test 5-10 different offers of assumed stages and questions they’d have.
  2. create MDU ads (medium size ads)
  3. *do some special ninja targeting and optimisation on adwords*
  4. At this point the offer will go to a landing page offering that guide/checklist/etc… (the thankyou page would say that we’re updating the guide to v2 and we’ll send it in 2-3 days). (the landing page would have a 5-8 question form; similar to hubspot and the like)
  5. This is because the content isn’t written yet, so gathering the stats and knowing what which offer converted will give me an idea of what to focus on.
  6. The result will tell me which content to write (or even outsource)
  7. I’d spend roughly £100-150 on the content/guide – has to be high quality.
  8. Send the guide to the high converting landing pages and disregard the low converting guides.
  9. re-test the conversions and see what’s working 
  10. Then focus on 1-2 top converters which I think would work for my business based on the information from point 4 above.
  11. While they sign up I’ll hopefully be writing up personal emails to guide them through the next step, on and on until they get to my service. 
  12. Throughout the emails we’ll be displaying a small banner at the bottom to advertise our services to those who are already in the bottom of funnel but took 2-3 step back as they found a top of funnel guide which was interesting. (google the 3 2 1 retargeting approach, that explain the reasoning to this)
  13. Then once we get this we hope to convert
  14. IF NOT we are going to do some cross promotion to competitors or verticals such as different services at the top of funnel or something they’d look out for after the sales.

The above will take 3-4 months to setup. Like any good campaign take time to set it up. Maybe break it down into small packages.