I am grateful for my parents
i am grateful that i have friends
i am grateful that I can see


this morning i feel a bit better, aching a bit from the gym workout yesterday. I forgot that Ive got a spinal scan check at some point this month. I need to try resolve this.
I am going to put that on a todo list today to be done.

i also need to send my completed forms for the car accident. I am aiming to complete that today.

i feel a bit ok at the moment.
I want to read essentialism.


I was thinking of using a wordpress platform to write articles but I think the best option to go about it is to connect wordpress as a backend tool to manage the content. and use laravel as the front end. Or i am inclined to just write the backend myself as it doesn’t seem that complex it is just going to be difficult long term that’s all.
the worry is more about the asset management but! the site will load much much faster compared to our competitors

I saw that our competitors are using display ads at the moment to target potential customers. I think our method would be much better in the long term.
the plan is to target a specific borough that we’ve had a lot of jobs in and target them with ads on home extension, etc… Then we will focus on building a better relationship with them.
For example on how to find a good architect, etc….

So the idea is to progressively inform them, by way of informing them really close to the sale to further out in the sales cycle so that we don’t waste too much time.

there is also an option with tinymce that has an image uploading functionality/or media manager that is quite interesting. //scratch that as its not crackable but it is a good solution!

anyway, im getting hungry now and i’ve taken my pill from PAGG, will go eat something now and do a weigh in.

what i also need to work on is cleaning my desk and room on a continuous basis. it looks like a messs at the moment.


workout plan

Ok i’ve done a bit of research on my workout plan that I was doing in the past. I can’t quite find it but! I can recall there was a point I was doing JUST legs, JUST arms, Just chest on a specific day with cardio 20-30 1-3 a week.

I will do some research regarding muscle building and weight loss.
the aim is to increase the metabolism and be smart about losing weight. My metabolism at one point was so high that i was loosing too much weight too quickly. My lowest I’ve ever been was 75kg.

that took me 4 years.

now my aim is to get down 10kg in 12 weeks at least.

i’ve done 1 week so far and it has not got me very far.


Evening log

I feel a bit tired

i was not able to get everything done today.

I need to work on getting my tasks done.
i feel that if i don’t do enough it won’t work. and I won’t be able to get a better life.

There doesn’t seem like that i’ve got enough time in life.
i feel tired

What i want to do is be able to setup a long term marketing strategy so that THERE IS ALWAYS CLIENTS and so that it grows .

something that last for a long time.
i’ve got it figured out but i just need to set it up.



I am grateful for my parents
i am grateful for my gf
I am grateful to have a good mandarin teacher


Feeling better now, i had a good night sleep.
I need to do some writing before sleeping, i was reading that this could potentially help when going sleep. It will be offloading any todo list on my mind so that ti eases out.

I tihnk i haven’t had a good todo list for a while and I need to get at it to work on it and re-prioratise daily for the day and not add any for the day.

maybe pick 1 thing that must be accomplished today that i’d feel happy about.

For example today would be sending the payslip to the guys for payment.

then i need to finish one floor plan.

I also want to go gym at mid day before lunch.

I’m now going to put this on my calendar and do it withotu distraction or dealing with emails, etc….


I am just starting to get some work done and i’m getting annoyed with notifications. I am getting stressed about it and I want to do what i need to do and that’s it.

i’m going to just focus on what i need to do for now.

weight loss

i have not seen much improvemennt on my weight. I am thinking of trying to look back at my old routines to see what I can do



I ended up going to costa in the afternoon. I waas given the opportunity to go down the bank to take some cash out and have lunch so i took it.
I sat for two hours and it was actually really nice to sit down and read for 2 hours. Even though it wasn’t quiet but the movement, background noise didn’t disturb me. I think i need a good seat somewhere to read.

I started reading bird by bird but it was okayish, i didn’t like the way she approached writing.
I think from recalling what i’ve listened from stephen king – on writing was much more amusing and informative. it gave you that motivation to go. This one started great but ended dead.

i then went on to read the tools of titans, i re-read the 1000 true fan. it was inspiring and what i took away from that was what peter theil said about successful companies; each one really narrowed and focus down to a handful of customers and then expanded. if this can be done with our comapny maybe this would be something that we can take a look at.

maybe we can focus in one borough in london for a few months to see what the traction is and if we can cater to the needs of the people there. testing via display marketing various headlines and give away without really writing the give away would be a good indication of it. Maybe something along the lines of landing on the page > filling the form > receiving an error > ability to report. The “reporting” is like golden customers who really need this solved.

maybe a sieve through the forums to understand what customers want would be another ideal method of getting inside the thought processs of the customer.

the reason they want an MBS is really to allow their architect to get enough information to draw construction drawings from and to also form a basis for their planning application. Some planning application don’t need many things but some such as loft extensions or comprehensive extensions need extension information.

Maybe we could sell £5 calls to get feedback on how they need to get a planning application. This would potentially save us cost on the long run and give us “ideal” feedback from the customer so that we can follow through with them in a few months when they do need the MBS.



I am grateful for my laptop
I am grateful that I can code
I am grateful that I have had an education


I felt really crap this morning, like i sat at my desk after having breakfast and changed into my gym clothes.
Getting up the bed I was heated up, so i showered and felt a bit better. Afterwards i felt crap.
it could be the PAGG pills or not enough sugar in the body.

today i went to the gym in the morning, i did the hip thrusts, kettle bell swings, one arm dead lifts, myopic crunch, lunges.
I did 3 sets of these. I also did 10min gentle cardio on the eleptical.

feel slightly better after coming back home and having another quick shower to clean off the sweat. I tried cold water again but couldn’t dare to go full cold. Even though i know its good for my mind i feel that i want to build up towards it slowly.

i was thinking yesterday that writing is something i want to get back into, its quite important in leaving something behind. If you think about it most of the people’s legacy can only be translated through words for future generations to read.
you would only know about person X because it has been written about him centuries ago. You would have been able to find out about that person and the way of life at that point in time without reading someone else’s thought of his particular topic that he wrote at that point.

take tim ferriss for instance, in 100 years time people would potentially look back at his book and either praise, laugh, learn from him and build upon that for their future. this could be something that I also could do.
Write something that others would remember or leave a legacy for, as at the moment it feels i’m working and doing things aimlessly. just walking out of the gym and down the stairs i felt “wow i feel like a robot and going with the flow” no thought process but just doing and not being able to seek forward or see myself forward enough.

i think i was able to see forward when i was young, like seeing what I wanted to be and follow suit to get it. my brain allowed me to see it that way. anyway thats what i think of it.


my plan today is going to be simple, i am going to try read up bird by bird first as i think the cashvertising is a bit too heavy and i need an easy read to not ‘learn’ but to build upon my belief and strengthen my mind and give me a bit of motivation.

i have two options; go to the coffee shop or stay here and read in bed. i feel a constant pressure in my mind/head about thinking of making decisions. not sure how to deal with that.



I am grateful for my father
i am grateful for my mother
I am grateful for my brother


I don’t feel 100% again i feel anxious since the morning like something bad is going to happen. not sure how but it needs to be resolved.

I just don’t want to get any problems.

I really need to think about getting things in order and writing down the worst things that can happen.

I feel useless at times because i am not doing anything.


not sure what to do

not sure what to do, i feel pressured and

i’ve built most of the website
but now i have no energy to finish it today, but i do want to do it at some point.

I am also thinking of link spamming our competitors to drop them down the google listing.

maybe i could sit down and finish cash vertising and bird by bird today.

Or i could build a chase up system where we can send emails to clients easily freely. by chasing them up on trello.



I am grateful for

My parents
my home
my bed

I feel a bit anxious, i tried meditation this morning again for 15min.
still feel a bit weird, i think i need to wake up earlier and do it in then. its also getting warm now and its not that great.

plan today

plan today is to go gym, work out on the treadmill for 10min, do the core exercises again and try finish off with the kettle bell.
i don’t want to stay there too long today so it has to be quick.

I’m torn between designing this web app to produce loads of landing pages or building an app to make calls such as a CRM system that I could potentially sell online to people, or the management app for the business that allows us to look after the projects properly. (this may mean a full redesign).

There is also three other things I want to get done, reading the marketing book for making great ads online as well reading books on CBT, or getting my head stuck in RICS chartership learning.

I could get started in reading the four hour chef which could be a good foundation to learn and implement everything i want.

there is also the constant continuous learning of mandarin that I want to do everyday. I need to unwind.
I also need to prepare that letter to reply to that guy, we just need to say that we were operating on a different company at that point in time.



Some shit happened

I feel a bit stressed out about it but there could be options out.

last year we did a survey and we missed out an area of the survey on the 6th floor of a high rise.
it was some stairs.

the problem is that the client wants to recover the losses, but the contract indicates that we


  • amend the terms and condition to limit our liability to the limit of our insurance
  • reply to the letter.
  • identify which company it falls under to prepare ourselves for all eventuality
  • Check with the insurance company on what to do.

here is the reply

Dear ,
We acknowledge the receipt of your letter. However, this letter needs to be directed to xxxx as that company invoiced you for the floors 1-6 and xxx did the 7th floor.

This is due to a decision to split some of the services between two companies last year.

If there is anything we can help you with


While, just going through the doucment it doesn’t seem good at all. the insurance is part covered.

I feel overwhelmed, my head hurts a lot.i’m about to start Mandarin, I hope that takes my mind away for a bit.

I also feel obligated to write guides today even though I am off work, to get people to do things right as I don’t want anymore fuck ups. We need to get documents done to explain to them how to do their job.

this should include the flow chart, etc…

I feel like writing would be easier than creating a video and explaining it to people as it would take me time to even get started.

I feel paralysed. Always. I don’t seem to be able to do anything.