Here’s no control at the moment
weve lost a pair of legs and a pogo, both was sent to speedy.

i feel annoyed that I personally lost it and couldn’t have setup something in place in the first place to avoid this,
theres so much going on and I can’t keep running the business while setting up procedures . My head is killing me at night and any fuck up annoys me and over think things.
especially when there is financial difficulties.

we just hope we get the loan now.
im just annoyed.


Quite happy

Quite contempt with life today after going to mandarin lesson and going to the gym.
Met up with one of the regular guys I bumped into in russel square fitness first.


Always positive guy, good to see him. He’s got better.
I’m feeling good after the work out and i’m planning on being good for the rest of the day.

ooh looks like there’s a developer sitting infront of me in the cafe. interesting,… we’ll see what he does.

today im not going to pressure myself in coding or whatever, just mind setting and calming day.
I think there is a need for me to disconnect from work work, even though i am coding and its interesting and all but i need something to really rest off and do nothing.
its quite overwhelming doing coding when it feels like work.

I’m coding to escape work and its become a chore in the end.
I think i need one of these relaxing days, in a coffee shop alone doing my own thing. writing, unloading and unwinding.

I’ve also updated the wp_config of this wordpress setup to 256MB to see if that’s going to help with the timeout i have been experiencing lately.
we’ll have to see about that.

my workout

since my accident i haven’t been able to go to the gym and enjoy it. It’s only been 2 weeks since I was given the go ahead to crack on with my old routine and build up my strength for my squats.
I’m still doing squats, however without heavy weights. Its enjoyable doing high intensity workout which does increase the endorphin;; hence the happiness today.

we’ll see how it goes in the next few days, my plan is to keep attending the gym for the next 1 week to see if I can build the routine, its been 4 days so far. So another 7 days i’ll hit the 11 day habit.

the next thing is to work on my sleep and my mandarin, slowly adding good habits/routines everyday to get better.

habits i want to work on

gym habit

I want to be healthy and work out everyday to get to my goal in 3 months. My goal being to get back to 82-84kg. I’m currently expecting to get to this weight in around 14 week’s time. it seems quite far away, but its not. Its quite an extensive weight loss too; 1kg per week, I remember a few years ago I was plateauing around 86 for a very long time. Only the diet and a change in routine helped.
So a focus to excite the diet is something that I need to be working on too.


Thats the plan.
at the moment i am 96kg.

My plan will be outlined in another dedicated page that i will need to refer in the future if I do side track….


what to do today

Today I am going to finish the code generator as much as I can and potentially publish it. It will depend on if i want to cash into this investment or not as its pretty neat code.
It porbably will save me hours of coding by publishing it this way and also allows me to construct new ideas faster in record time!.

I am also going to plan on waking up early and doing some meditation like i did in finland. I need to set time aside to get into the zone. Maybe no more TV? and just take regular mental breaks.

Today im going to the gym for a few hours to do weights as well as some sauna time. This will give me some time to relax and focus.
I also need to aim to sleep early to wake up early tomorrow and just walk away.

A quick checklist for today regarding the child code

  • Add a dropdown list for the parent ID, allow me to choose which field to use as a label.
  • Add table button on the Parent show
  • Add a linked to column on the child table.


Stress point

I feel stressed, angry and embarrassed because one of our client now wants 5 more sections than what we priced. Even though our states 2 sections.
what i am annoyed is that we will have issues and arguments with the clients because of that as they have sent us a requirement for 7 sections and i didn’t consider it as i thought they wanted for each floor.

# what you were doing

Checking my email, and found one from my employee asking for help with a situation.

# who you were with
on my own

# How you felt emotionally?
angry, embarassed, worried

#What you were thinking?
We won’t get paid for the work and that the client will get angry.

#What you started doing?
Worrying as to what would happen and potential responses from this

#How you felt physically?
shoulder is tense and don’t want to move

#Stress rating


What might you do to accomplish your 10-year goals in the next 6 months, if you had a gun against your head?

First what is my 10 year goal?
my 10 year goal is to not work…compeltely not work and be able to be self sufficient on an online business where I do very little to maintain and others are working on it.
I want to be able to travel, have more than enough money in the bank to go around the world with the wife and girlfriend.

What should i be able to do in 6months?]

  • Build an online only business where I can get recurring revenue
  • get married