Development log 18.06.2016

Development log 18.08.2016
today i am going to focus on getting my insurance documents sorted out for the car accident i had a few years ago. Get this out of the way and I can get going.

I am then going to focus on looking at the email from our HR consultant to look at the actions that needs to be taken. I also need to briefly write up a workflow for engaging people and preparing the induction form.
I also need to train someone to also undertake it as well.

I also have to get the quotes out today and to chase previous clients.

I also need to work on preparing an online page to create quotes from the enquiries. This will allow us to send quotes faster, especially for setting out, and measured building to allow us to keep with the amount of work to be done.

It seems that sometimes there is no management from our side, there is not thought process into looking at issues or anything. Still very messy and not thoughtful at all. Sometimes it seems half done. I just looked at a drawing and its missing a lot of features and details such as levels. And that was after it was reviewed by a snr guy! I took his word for it that it had everything but he missed out a lot of information! what the fuck is going on?!? This is frustrating.


Daily log 15.08.2016

Daily log 15.08.2016

this is going to be a 5 min blog download of my mind to help focus and have clarity of my mind.
this week we are a bit tight on cash so im going to divert as much direct debit to the other account and organise the financial option to allow for payment.
We also need to chase one of our client for payment and charge for interest from now onwards.
I will also need to organise the review of the employees so that i can setup targets and do their induction and get them to sign. I also need to talk to H&S to get her on board properly again to push ourselves in the right direction.
without this we’re kinda stuck and we need to organise ourselves better. This week is a focus on getting the high risk items out of the way. these are

  • H&S and employment done and dusted.
  • payment from clients
  • financing
  • sorting accounts and payroll

Today’s focus is to look at the payment from clients, especially the late paying one.