Marketing and sales 2

Marketing and sales 2

Continuing from my previous post this entry will go through the learning from Ca$hvertising and things to look out.

I have been thinking of the idea of painting a picture in our customers mind. For now i have been thinking that they should see themselves pay out massive fines for not positioning elements of work on site.
Painting the picture that they turned up on site, the architect and the client is taking a walk to see the construction of their new project and notice that the element of works are not aligned.
Concerned, the architect starts taking his measuring tape and finds out that the window is out by a couple of inches. Both the client and architect are concerned. They pull out the drawing and start looking at the room and the doors and windows. They don’t seem to match the drawings, the architect start circling some of the doors and looks at you shaking his head.
You start to have cold sweat, maybe they’re not measuring it correctly
You scrambled to call your carpenters to take a look at the measurements and position.
The client is not happy, the architect beacons you over to explain why the doors are not in the position on the drawings. You don’t have an answer and you call up your carpetners to rush over.
They come over and you asked them why the doors are off, they said they taped it off the walls. The carpenter take a look at the drawing and then goes to the door and he struggles to get the same measurement.
He turns around and says he doesn’t know.

The architect and client furious calls you in and says; we might need to stop works as the elements of the house are not in the right position. You hear “this is going to be at your own cost to fix this”

the penny doesn’t drop until now; you have to fork out at least £50k of repairs and reworks. it’s friday and you don’t know how you’ll pay the workers with this 50k bill landing in your hand at this last moment.

maybe something along those lines in painting a picture.
of course this is just a first try and example.

We also learn that from the 8 main human desires there are 17 principles that helps create these visuals.

So let’s refresh our memory:

8 Desire -> needs a mental cinema -> which requires one of the 17 principles to paint the picture.

one or more of these 17 principles creates the tension which forces the user to take action to fulfill one of the 8 desires.

In addition to the 8 desires there are 9 secondary wants to aid the accomplishment of these 8 desires.

that it for now.


Advertising principle uncovered

Advertising principle uncovered

I’ve been reading a book on advertising recently and it is amazing, it might even make me millions from just thinking about the principles he’s explained. So far I have gathered 5 action points from the first 1.5 chapters of the book. And that roughly equates to around 10–13 pages.

not bad!

The book is caslled Ca$hvertising.

It starts off by stating that everyone has 8 unshakeable desires. He acronyms it LF8.

They are:

  1. Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension.
  2. Enjoyment of food and beverages.
  3. Freedom from fear, pain, and danger.
  4. Sexual companionship.
  5. Comfortable living conditions.
  6. To be superior, winning, keeping up with the Joneses.
  7. Care and protection of loved ones.
  8. Social approval.

By tapping into these you’ll be able to influence others.
I’ll get to the influence in another entry. I’ll re-read my notes on the ibook to see what I’ve written. but for now, as my memory is fresh from the book. I’ll just dump some more information about the techniques he talks about.

So from these 8 desires there are secondary wants from them that kind of aids them.
They are:

  1. To be informed.
  2. Curiosity.
  3. Cleanliness of body and surroundings.
  4. Efficiency.
  5. Convenience.
  6. Dependability/quality.
  7. Expression of beauty and style.
  8. Economy/profit.
  9. Bargains.

they are not as strong on their own but if you combine them it’ll be helpful.


another tip he discussed is the way you formulate or activate the desire. These are called tension points.

“Tension ? Desire ? Action to Satisfy the Desire”

Excerpt From: Drew Eric Whitman. “CA$HVERTISING: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone.” iBooks.

The example he uses here is that the tension from ‘something’ (thought or current event) will trigger one of the desires where you’ll need to take some kind of action to satisfy it (the desire). So if you’re hungry your tension to eat creeps in and the desire for food kicks in.

*“But what exactly is desire? It’s a type of tension you feel when a need isn’t met.”

Excerpt From: Drew Eric Whitman. “CA$HVERTISING: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone.” iBooks. *

An example:

“If your office chair breaks your back after just 10 minutes of use, the tension to be comfortable arises, and your desire to buy a new chair (LF8 #5) kicks in.”

Excerpt From: Drew Eric Whitman. “CA$HVERTISING: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone.” iBooks.

So; trigger a tension to then trigger a desire to take action to satisfy the desire.

The advertisement that you create should activate/create a drive that motivates the web visitor to take an action that will fulfull that desire as soon as possible.


not only we craive fulfulling our desire but we are wired to read/hear about how others have satisifed them. This is very interesting…. This can really relate to the secondary wants in a way. “to be informed”, “curious”

Tip; visualised text – text porn

If you are able to put the user into a mental view of your ad you win. Basicaully the webuser will first use your product in their mind. If you can get them to imagine this in their mind you’ve won. If you can get them to see themselves using it you win. So crafting good copy to get this communicated is essential.

“the first use of any product is inside the consumers’ minds. ”

Excerpt From: Drew Eric Whitman. “CA$HVERTISING: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone.” iBooks.

The author calls it “installing a mental movie” into their head.


an exericse to go with it is to start off with a simple sentence of basic action and add words intentially selected to “install mental movies” (or visuals) in their head.

I must put my hand up, i’m not great at this. So I might need to perfect this properly.

He starts off by having a blank movie screen with a simple action:
Go somewhere and do something

then he elaborates to a final product:

“Go to the kitchen, open the oven, and pull out the freshest, crispiest, most delicious hot pizza you’ve ever eaten. Go on, cut yourself a big, hearty slice. Careful, it’s hot! Now take a big bite. Talk about crisp! The dough was made fresh this morning and baked in a virgin olive oil-coated black pan for a thick, deep-dish Chicago style crust. The sauce? Prepared from scratch, of course, from juicy plum tomatoes picked this morning, and blended with select fresh herbs from our own garden. Cheese? You betcha! Lots and lots of chewy, whole-milk mozzarella, made from the finest buffalo milk, of course, and the entire pie baked to bubbling perfection in a 750-degree wood-burning ”

Excerpt From: Drew Eric Whitman. “CA$HVERTISING: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone.” iBooks.

i’ll probably need to work on this a bit more

so far I can start off with

“Go hire a surveyor and be free from pain”

for now goodnight.


Continueing on Day 4 in Finland

today i need to prepare a product description that describes the whole product that I am going to sell. it will need to be around 500 words or more.
From there we can take a look at the points i’d like to make on selling this.

before i forget, there is also a potential to breakdown the products into videos. and also selling or referral after the sales.

Also the product has a higher value if it is printer or shipped in that sense. That is why you can sell these things at higher price.

We also need to talk about converting these techniques to european or british methods so that people can use it.

People are a bit concerned about demonstrating or becoming an expert in such a way.

I have spoken to afriend of mine to help me get my body waxed in finland. Apparently it is quite rare to find a freaking salon that does this! do people don’t wax themselves? what is wrong with people man….

Anyway I have to go to the nearest town which is 2 hours away to shave… good shit no… or travel back to helsinki which is 3–4 hours. Kinda useless.

I might go for a road trip in the next few days once i’ve prepared the product description page so that i can boil it down to a couple of lines. So far I am thinking of using both will it fly and the 4hww to prepare an information product to sell. It will be a small workbook + videos.

The workbook is a downloadable and printable workbook that will help them to take action and to also refer back to their notes so that they are more focused. This allows them to keep all their notes in once place and actually follow through with the tasks. It also provides examples and ideas to think about when undertaking the search for your muse. It also provides links to updated resources and actionable content, for example when tim discusses defining their dreams, we can create a form on the workbook for them to fill in and really eliminate and refine their ideas. It will have a companion website that will provide them resources for each section as well as video screencast on using certain softwares. For example they can watch how to install rescuetime and analyse the information on there. We can also suggest additional software that we have found to help them get things done for the 4hww.
Another example of the usage is to use upwork, etc… for that section it is best they write down their procedure, and actually do the work before automating. It is going to be very difficult to automate somethiing you don’t know how to do unless you are hiring an expert to do the job but that is consulting. What we are doing in the automation/elimination part is to find what you are actually doing change it into a process, use that process to outsource the work.
A good example of the outsourcing I used in my day to day is to get timesheet typed up in excel, formating 1000s of documents, renaming pdfs, processing scanned documents and logging information from scans to.

antoerh example is when I am helping my dad with his business, i did everything and i’ve learn what needs to be done and not to be done. Sequene and processed it. Created templates using gravity forms instead of wufoo as you have more control over them and I felt that owning the data was more important than running it on someone else’s server.

The workbook will clarify what a muse is and what they are trying to achieve from it. a muse is not a services business or a business where oyu have to be there present to run it. You have to be able to walk away from the business anytime to ‘enjoy’ your life without much of a worry. Of course you have to keep tabs on the product itself but you need to

Videos will include

  1. Keyword research – One of the videos is to explain to them how to do keyword research for free via google adwords. There are good technics you can manually undertake to do the search which you won’t need softwares like wordstream and the like to accomplish. there are many tools out there that will help you but the ones i have used for free works very well as it is straight from the source and you can manually do the searches yourself and you’ll learn a lot more from the content than a software telling you that a keyword is awesome. I found amazing niches this way that were untapped without any ads in the UK but still a lot of searches. Some were not successful and it required a lot more indepth research but I quickly found that it wasn’t my calling. For example I was trying to market custom diet workouts, i setup a landing page, I had very little views from the ads. I burnt £200 but I learnt that there was not a massive demand for this.
  2. Ways to interview potential customers and get feedback from ideas. Interviewing potential customers or the market. One way to easily ask people around the internet for your idea at the leisure of your computer is to go on twitter and connect with people. You can easily ask them questions about your product idea, etc… That is if talking to a stranger is going to be difficult. That can take years or months to just get started. That is actually fixing an internal problem. even though I can show you how I overcame this, it may not be something you’ll want to do because of teh time and effort.
  3. Setup a website quickly to test your idea – . Another video that we will show you how to use, is how to setup your own website quickly in a few clicks to test out your muse. There are a few ways to do this, you can use pre-built softwares or run it on your own server or shared host. the video in the information product will show you the two ways to set it up. We will use pre-built templates to save time, there is no point ‘learning to code’ to get it done. You don’t have the time to waste, pay for teh template and get going don’t waste time… You can even trial out the software from unbounce for free using a free trial to test out your idea in less than 30 days. This is great if you want to unleach 5–10 ideas in one go. but this is not recommended. I rather you focus on 1–2 ideas based on the market. For the wordpress video I will show you how to setup the landing page to set up your capture form easily and quickly.
  4. How to setup your website for final production and sales – Keeping the same landing page and setting up a different full ecommerce site you can generate the leads and transfer them to your website. Here we will discuss setting up shopify or woocommerce to sell your products and finding wordpress addons to capture payments and providing a download link to your product. We can also discuss where to host your files and videos for delivery. Amazon is a good option but there can be other ways. I will explain how to setup a wordpress website quickly in 10–20min where you can download a theme install it, purchase woocommerce, and several other addons to get started. Or setup an ecommerce website via shopify so that they get everything going for you. The comparison between that is that you pay shopify a monthly fee for the hosting, files, etc.. and they take care of a lot of the process. It has a lot of features and addons that will help you sell but then again you have to pay a monthly fee to use these services. but if you have tested you product and you know there is a demand you can get going with this.

Continueing on Day 4 in Finland

  1. Identify the markets that you are in to generate product ideas – Another video we will include is how to find quickly breakdown your ideas and really open up what you have done in your life to identify potential markets. Start with your order history on amazon. The video will explain how to look at your previous purchases and breakdown the why and when you bought the product. this will give you an indication of the markets you are in and products you’ve bought. Use the technique that tim ferriss described to include your work history and also identify all ads you’ve clicked and save them on amazon. This is useful to see why and
  2. Identify potential affiliate/referal products to sell and identify at what point in the sales cycle to advertise and sell – the work book will also cover a new way to look at your results in advance timeline, this will give you an indication of what the client is missing and at what point they are on their journey. By writing down this timeline you wil understand where they are and what other products to target after they have purchased your product. The other idea behind that is to help you target them at an exact point in a journey. For example if they are going on holiday they have booked the tickets, but the next thing to potentially book is the car or tickets to attractions etc…. An example of things they might be looking at prior to purchasing a ticket to say thailand… is to look at top ten destination in asian for june. Think about what you normally do prior to purchasing the product. This is something you need to start being aware. Tim also suggest to look at for ads you have actually clicked and snap them up on evernote and write down a reason why you have clicked the link and also what the product was. It gives you a personal insight of a shopper and its better than asking someone (sometimes) as they’ll not remember the ad or where they clicked it.
  3. Exploring the idea you have chosen to formulate a sales page and to test if you are interested in the subject to see if through – Another feature of this workbook is really bringing the idea out onto a page and getting to the point of the product and all its features. From their you’ll boil down the idea into a paragraph and into a single sentence. The more you work on it the more define and clear the message can be for you and your audience. If you can get it in 16 words that will be the ultimate goal. The idea behind this is to be creative and dump down everything about the product. When I say everything, it is everything. It is also giving you an idea of the energy behind the product and how much you can really cover. You will also see how much “knowledge” or “expert” you are in the subject. If you can write 10k words on this then you are a grand master, if you can do 5k you are an expert in a sense. Think about it! once they written down 3–5k words or as much as they can in a couple of days then you know for sure that what you’ve written can be used for your landing page, product description and as well as a roadmap to building your product. The next step once you’ve written the 5k words is to clean it up. Try to create a list of points you wanted to make across to take into your product. from there you could also start cutting down by asking the value behind each point/feature of the product. You can only do this if you are within the market, for example I would not be able to talk for hours about a dentist product because I am not a dentist and I am not regurlarly invovled. For me I am regularly involved in adwords, bidding, setting up landing page and programming. That is my flow. You need to find your flow.
  4. Outsourcing work properly – another feature that will be covered is to eliminate your tasks and to outsource it. The best way to do this, as Tim recommended is to do it yourself so that you konw how its done and then to break it down. You don’t have to outsource everything at first but you need to start to learn how to let others do things for you. For me I delegated typing up timesheets, records, etc… to a VA. I also had them go through 1000s of documents to convert them in a certain format and add headings, etc… it was cheaper… and I left work early on those days.
  5. Another feature about this is that users can join a private community to meet like minded individual in the same jounrey as them. They will be able to start groups and have regular meetings where they are. at some point we can even get them to have leaders in areas where people can join for free as guests and meet other people in the same boat. the format will be to come up every week to discuss their progress with everyone in the group. They have to each prepare speeches, etc… for each section of the workbook to push them through to get out of the rat race.. …maybe i am thinking too far with this product and creating a community around it. Maybe simply having a forum where they can post progress, ask questions and help others out when they join.
  6. Creating the product – showing you how to prepare screencasts for video products and writing the booklet for sale. There are three ways you can create the product. One you outsource the product creation from a professional or a one time fee, get someone else to do it
  7. Calculating your dream TMI
  8. Calculating your margin

When they receive it, it will be in a pack with a few sheets taht explains how to use the workbook and also provides a reference guide on the 4hww.


Finland – Day 2

Finland – Day 2

Today I woke up in the morning around 4:00, but snoozed till around 4:15. I was actually excited to go and meditate and do some yoga.
I have to say…yoga actually is hard! i am still sore from yesterday and my back kinda is stiff but hopfully it will be more flexible in the end.

this morning i did around two sessions of meditation before I started to get hungry. I am not to great when i am hugnry. after the two sessions were finished I went in to have yoghurt with granola, which i must say is awesome to have in the morning. I am tempted to start having this in the morning back in london.

We’ll have to see…

after breakfast, i headed back for some meditation, it went ok. I think because of the food and aches sitting down i didn’t do so well. I did 1 session of meditation and then yoga for 50min i believe. I am still aching from that session. It really works you out!

After sweating I went to setup the sauna, which took some time to get started. So for this afternoon I will be setting up the sauna 1–2 hours earlier so that it warms up the rocks. Only then I will go in. this will give me enough time to do 2 sessions of meditation and two sessions of yoga.

the internet here sucks ! i wasn’t able to download the new deep concentration sounds. I might need to enable it on for the night to download all the files I need.

I also spoke to iina, my friend’s ex girlfriend. She lives in oulu. I need to plan to go down and see her and say hi. it is a bit of a trek, i think that it is going to take me 6 hours to get there.

While i am writing this, the weather isn’t getting any better, it is cold and windy and the heating here isn’t that great. I started a wood fire this morning and that didn’t warm the room. I need to investigate.
I can’t believe it is only 10:30 and it feels like such a long day! most people would be waking up at this time…. and I just had my second breakfast. Scrambled eggs.

BTW the eggs here are white and the milk tastes a bit funny. …. but it is still drinkable.

I am still not comfortable going for a swim as the weather is horrible and there seems to be a strong current. I would still love to go for a canoe session and see how that goes but kinda scared about it. I am on my own at the moment and it is dangerous if i do get hurt or whatever.

So far i feel up and down. I still think about work work and I shouldn’t. Hopefully that will take some time to forget. I still feel some panic or worry about work. this shouldn’t happen but we’ll see after a couple more sessions of meditation.

Today i will dedicate at least an hour and 30min to work on the business idea I talked about yesterday. hopefully that will get me out of the rat race and get me started to travel and chill around the world.

The idea is simply breaking down the four hour work week and laying it out in a workbook with a companion website. Having both the written and video sites live will give users a better actionable content. (this is one of the value proposition) it is to provide them an actionable medium. One that works is written, if it is there physically in the room and in your hands it will be easier to work with and to refer back to. this is the whole point of it, to be able to physically touch and sense it so that you can take action.
for me I have downlaoded many systems in the past and nothing has beenr eally done until it is in my hand in physical copy. i know it may be challenging to get it printed and sent out but it is something we need to work on and get out there.
it is all about taking action at the end of teh day it is getting things done, taking action and getting out of the rat race.

At the moment I am going to go through and create some ideas based on the 2–3 star reviews of the 4hww on amazon. This will give me an indication of what people are finding hard to comprehend and deal with.

I am running out of time today to write and that is it for now!


Finland day 1

Day 1 of Finland
today i’ve worked on myself, did some meditation, yoga and waxed.
The waxing didn’t go to well as it didn’t take a lot of the hair out.

at the moment i am only giving myself an hour to be on the computer to wrtie and plan. Today I am spending my time to just plan and tomorrow if I wake up early i’ll give myself 1–3 hours of working on the business idea.
the current business idea at the moment is to sell an information product.

I know this wasn’t something I wanted in the past, as it felt weird or whatever. But after going through trying to setup a software or service business. having a product to sell is the best way to have a lifestyle busieness.

I have a couple of ideas i want to test out.

The first idea is creating a workbook for the 4hour work week book. This workbook will help people take action or at least know where to start. It will also have a lot of useful and new/updated resources to help them achieve the lifestyle they want. Especially when we are focusing on building the muse. the plan is to build a workbook + video slide show to explain to them how to work on the muse. We need to be able to build it within 4 weeks and we should be able to price it within 50–150$usd. With that in mind that will help them get out of the rat race and identify the issues they have to get out of it. I will basically be going through the book, identify the action points. Extract them into a work book, rephrase it and amend it. once we have a skeleton for the DEAL method and how to implement it. We then create slideshows/power point presentations to explain each section and get them to take action. Where it comes to installing and use applications we can create screencasts. With that I am planning on selling this at 100$ USD, then all i need to get per day is around 5–10 sales per day.

Now with the 22,000 searches per month for the 4hour work week, i am anticipating to have at least 1% CTR from the ads which amounts ot 220 clicks per day. Again if only 1% of the 1% convert that will be around 2 conversion at 90USD. which should be ok, then we can improve on conversion overtime.

to improve conversion we can do the following:

  • create blog content to have free traffic
  • create specific landing pages and continuosly improve on them

but for now i am creating a landing page with a video to tell them about my story and try sell them this. Hopefully I will do this tomorrow or monday. I think i need to write a sales script before getting involved in creating the video.
for example I could talk about myself and my problems before explaining what i’ve built to help them out. there is quite a lot to do and my 1 hour is nearly running out on the computer and I am planning on going to do some meditation and then yoga. Hopefully that will help with the concentration and relaxation.

I need to decommit myself from others at the moment as there is a lot of things going on.

there was also the toastmasters booking that was bothering me early this week, i forgot to cancel and that was eating me up slightly. I’ve jsut done it via email, i will try to redo the cancellation when i get a chance tonight before bed via the website as that will eat me up not being able to cancel the meeting.

I just have to let go, nothing bad is going to happen and the worst that will happen is that they’ll get annoyed. that will not affect me and there is nothing i can do. I rather work on myself than anything else at the moment.
Screw them.

ok finally cancelled it online and for the harrow one, i couldn’t be fucked…