being a business owner

being a business owner

For the past few weeks, I have been working under high pressure and stress from managing the business with my dad. A lot of things went wrong; it seems that if someone is not in nothing can be easily be done to deal with the situation.
For example, if one person leaves and no one is available to pick up the job it seems very hard for us to do take over and deal with the issue. It seems that we fall apart for 2–3 weeks if someone leaves.
This needs to be resolved, how can we rely heavily on one person to run the business. We need to be in a position to take over any job from anyone who left it.

This is something we need to work on. We need to document, systematize and process everything we do. It’s so wrong that we are getting to this stage but not being able to cope with the workload. Its crazy.

Tomorrow I have to finish of the contract for employment and send it off to the employees to get started. We needed to get this out of the way and dusted asap. Tomorrow morning, we waking up early, go to a coffee shop and away from people and get it done. I need that time to myself for a bit and get things done. I cannot cope talking and doing things.
They are two different things to deal with. My brain can only process the logical brain or the conversation side of the brain. Only one thing at a time.

i will also go through all the outstanding project for tomorrow and process those.

today has been hectic,
tomorrow is another day


value and networking

value and networking

it seems that I am very passionate about human connection and naturally connecting people. its a bit weird, i could socially connect with anyone with that topic and people like it.
maybe its something i can think about going forward.???
unsure…maybe test a side gig about it? maybe test the market about human connection and selling with people.

other than that I’ve met this really nice girl at the presentation, we really connected and became friendly. I am unsure how to take that relationship going forward. plantonic or sexual? unsure…

she’s cool, fuckable as I like her passion. its beautiful. Maybe i find it easier that way to connect with people emotionally. I don’t know.??

we’ll see?

other than that…im stressing out because we’ve got loads of employees coming in but not ENOUGH work to do. its something we need to work on to be able to pay people as well as win work with good cashflow.
hopefully the investment in getting the achilles sorted out would help.

I am planning on potentially teaching the social thing on Udemy to see if people are interested in that. Maybe I could run a test video thing online to sell the course to see if there is interest?