Hi I need

Hi I need some help setting up procedures and system for my business. We run a professional service business in the construction industry. I want to systematise our process and get our employees and directors to follow it. We are fairly small and I think with persistence everyone will get on board with it.

Can anyone who have done this give me some quick steps or guideline to get started and what to look out for?

Also I am looking for help on what processes to put together and how to implement it.


Between building an app, finding a new job, recovering and writing artciles.

Between building an app, finding a new job, recovering and writing artciles.

I am between writing articles, building an app for my business, finding a new job and recorving from a burnout.
It is not nice having all of this going on and my brain is not really getting there in putting things together.

I am burnt out, well I think I am anyway. I was lucky that they took me off the job back in January because I was really exhausted and there was so much i had to do.
nevermind them now. I was suppose to meet them but I’ll have to reschedule something at another time….

I also am writing an article on a construction contract, i am breaking it down into an article as well as just getting into the details for my own benefit. it is quite good to do that and I think with interviews coming up i should focus on this.

the other item that I want to get complete is the timesheet software it is great and i think it will help. but it won’t be used until wednesday or tomorrow. i’ll have to see how far i can get to with the code, there isn’t a lot to do but there is soo many miticulous coding required to get the permissions, checks , logic right.
I also think i neeed to split my day in 2 as i get a headache coding in the evening. so no more coding? my brain is probably tapped too much and i am not recovering properly?
we’ll have to see….

I think the most logical next step is to get the NEC3 article out of the way, or at least a good portion of the reading done.


development entry timesheets

development entry timesheets

due to the fact that our employees cannot manage their time on site I am working on a software (online web app with the use of twillio and other services) to capture and log their time on site.
this means that they can use their phone to clock in and out from. They simply text in start to clock in and stop/finish to clock out.
With that we can generate quick reports, etc… on the fly without any problems.

We can also use the same information to geo locate users using simple links that they can click it will gather their Gps location and log it.


Today I have

Today I have to work on a few things regarding the business and my expert blog.
i will need to sit down with my dad to figure out who is doing what in the business.
1st step is to identify all the day to day task that needs to happen, then all the weekly tasks that needs to happen, then all the monthly and yearly tasks.

from there we need to divide up what is required to be done.

At the moment I am working on the website, marketing, talking to new customers on the phone to get the prices and chase invoice for payment.
He does the invoice, manage the staff, manage operation, gives me hte price for the tenders, gets supply, etc…
From now on I think i need to take over the invoicing, record keeping from him.