the way i

the way i should plan my writing

I load up my brain with information, reading passively throughout the week and allocate a dedicate time on the weekend or the evening. each day points should be made on byword or evernote for things i’d like to talk about in the article.
this stage is the gathering of information so that I can try recall it for the weekend, it is best to keep at it when recalling the information.

for example i haven’t done that for now but in one sitting i am planning to cover an article for my professional blog. i will go through some lecture notes, books, and other resource to get a gist of what i need to write.

i look at the content page to give me an idea of what to talk about and what to conclude with. this allows me to open my mind with the topic and ideas to talk about.

i then put it on a tree map or something that i can use to memory dump everything i want to write.
i don’t sequence it now but i work on each topic slowly and write it out . a full article for each would be great.

the first step for me to start writing is to warm up. i should start writing standing up and on my blog with some kind of mind dump from my head onto paper.
from there my mind should be clear from weird thoughts or to do that i need to go through. i also talk about how im going to tackle it and how i’ll deal with what I am writing.

I would then work on an outline from the mindmap for each point. each topic/point i’d like to make should only have 3 points as it easier to recall in 3s.

then i would pick a topic and start dumping information without any sort of check edits, or pictures to include. anything cool would then need to just be captured in evernote for the written content.

a specific key must be identified for each article so that when you start writing all the information is there, filtered for you to pick and write about.

once its all written i would then take a break and re-read, edit and publish.
the editing part would include adding image, cleaning up grammar, etc….


weekend of productivity

weekend of productivity

Now that I have the house for free today I am planning on being super productive. Yabe mate will be brewed up in a few minutes once I get myself ready.
I will prepare some kind of breakfast in a bit….im thinking either porridge with honey or just head out and grab something.
I need to to do the food shopping later for tomorrow’s dinner and bake some bread for breakfast in the morning.

There is quite a lot to do this weekend and i need to get ready for the interview next friday.
I have a CVR meeting on wednesday that i need to prepare. this will be a lot of work that I need to get through today and tomorrow. Hopefully the majority of the writing will be done today which will help me a lot.

at some point this weekend I need to send out this bloody iphone to repair as I spent £100 to get it repaired. I’ll probably add a covering letter to it.
in terms of sending the phone it shouldn’t be a problem. all i have to do is send it through the free post i believe and it owuld be covered under the insurance.

I am also writing while standing up, seems a bit different. I might need to take some breaks now and then to rest up my legs. but it is apparenlty much better to just stand up and do the work. I need to find a permanenet solutino regarding the standing desk, i might get something next month in regards to that.

I am also going through tim ferriss’s blog line by line to really get into the head of tim ferriss and his teaching. I strongly believe that reading the 8 years of content as well as his book and breaking it down I will learn a lot from him.

anyway i’m going to get some yerba mate for now.


Need to work on reducing expenditure! hard!

Need to work on reducing expenditure! hard!

I have been following tim ferriss for a few days now and I am trying to implement his techniques and ideas into my day to day.
one of which is the writing process he gets into… I need to work on just warming up on my writing before I do start getting in the flow today.
to do this I am planning on just purging my mind out on paper then just publish it out to the web.
Today’s plan is to tackle the most important things for next week and this weekend.
this is to take a look at buying the high caffein tea that tim recoommends. yato mate tea?? something of that sort anyway. apparently its crap.

I will also need to cover variations in qsing in general and go into detail for ICE contract.
i need to break it down into a simple format that can be understood. first tackling the principles of a change then into the nity gritty of the change. I will look at the alan ashworth book for inspiration.

then i’ll take my hat off, my hands are glued to the keyboard at the moment!

then when i get some time i’ll take a look at measured building survey for the business. write a process based on the iso 9001. input, process and output.

its going to be a busy day.
im at costa so got loads of coffee to go through. Sean is coming by later.

I’ll refine the 3 items i’ve listed out to the following:

  1. go through the measured building survey
  2. go through variations
  3. get tea
  4. get my hat off

so sequenced now:

4, 2,3,1

alright that should be enough writing and put on my head phones for some hard work.