Ok ok 

I have tried to write the work plan yesterday and it felt that it was not procuring enough value.

So what I’m going to do is write a few he she exercise and sell that.

I will also run through it via the video and explain an additional model and provide some value. 

Update on previous post

Just an update on the previous post I know I’ve said that I will Be working on doing the product but I think I will focus on just building my list for the moment.

This means building a following and sending emails out everyday with at least a big post once a week with video explaining one area of game.

During this time I will be emailing them resources, articles from other people, etc…

Then I will try get them on the phone and give them a coaching sessions as well as get more information about their pain and what they really want.

From there we can craft a comprehensive program that covers everything.

This is required! 

Focus required

I will finish the business for game. I realise it’s love and hate relationship 

I will be building the free video course this weekend

I will also try to work out a video introducing people to game and seduction community. I will be using Aaron’s PDF as a basis for the mind map 

Thereafter, I will need to make a 3 part video on selling the £3000 course.

The video structure will be on teaching them the system in general. What they need to do to get there.

They will also need to learn all the systems then go and make something.
After listening to ramit sethi on the spi podcast I leant something about running the online business. I need to properly get more information about what the student want. Really survey them and find out what problem they have and getting rid of it. 

Losing motivation already

Bloody hell already on a new venture since July and I feel like giving up. Why is that,?

Atm I feel a lot of doubt on the actual work and career in game

I don’t see a future in there or any where elsE

I’m sick and tired and atm I just want to quit everything.

I need a break I can not keep going like this. I need to find something I enjoy a lot to keep going.

I think I need to push through this and at least publish the first few videos and small offer and just keep passing through this.

I’m planning on spending 1000 on this to get going.

I Will be loading the email funnel with a lot of emails so that it gives me a month to work out on things to send out.

I’m thinking off sending an email our everyday wand eventually lead to sales and getting more people attracted .
I am also planning on curating content on a website like a newspaper and gather more and more things just like SaaS club.

But for game.