Calculation sheet

Part of just getting things done I’m updating the blog to help me achieve my goals.

This will keep me focus on getting things done.
I’m using Swype to post this entry, even though I do have some issues with it, it does come handy sometimes when you’re on the tube.

Tonight and this week I’ll be aiming to draft a calculation sheet to help build quotes for the clients. This will help give clients a way to budget their project and as well as contacting us for the enquiry to get a price for the job.

The calculator will be simple and will have two parts. All the elements that will affect the price will be required such as type of survey, building type, area, number of seconds or elevations.

Once the client enters the basic information we will send them an email with the rough costs of the job and it will include a default list of what is included.

This will take some time to tackle as to what is included as a default as there are a lot of factors to consider. For example the roof on a flat will be hard to price as it includes a requirement for scaffolding to access. Therefore a note needs to be included to show this.

The important part of this is for the client to insert their details such as email and phone number.

Once the email is sent they will be able to view the quote.
We then contact them shortly to see if they want us to carry out the works and to firm the price up.

# update

I’ve completed a draft template of the calculator but it needs a few more fields to for  measured building survey and typographical survey. 

We’ll probably include a text area for general requirements if they want to get a formal quote right after. Our something like that, we’ll leave it in for now to see if people use it.

For typographical survey it is ok, the calculator just needs 2 more fields for quantity of trees.

I think the option is to have a check box at the top to select measured building survey, typographical, or setting out. Then the calculator will decide what to show to get more information from the client.

On that note we’ll need to add a few more text together for it. 

Building my site and my business

im working on my dads business and do the marketing, etc….

I have to get to a point where it is fully self managed without my help or my dads help in running it

I am thinking because I’m too focused on building apps of all sorts I think I should focus that energy and actually build the apps for the business.

I like the idea of building apps for startups and businesses and I think if I actually work on building these tools and apps for my current business I can eventually break it off and sell it as a saas if it’s refined enough.

It’s more like scratch my own back kind of business startup.

This may take some time to build and o think that should be ok to finish this in a years time.
There’s loads of ideas coming up in my head such as

  1. Quaraloo survey
  2. Exit popups
  3. Keyword search like spyfoo that analyses current ads
  4. Property ranking and search tools
  5. Email marketing or drip campaign
  6. Adwords creator
  7. Customer service like fresh desk
  8. Online payment
  9. Auto tweet and sharing tool

As you can see there is a lot to be done and that will take some time to build.

I think I need to prioritise on the right tools at the right time.

For now got to keep grinding away every day.