Back from Mauritius

Back from Mauritius
I’m finally back to London, it has been a great 3 weeks holiday back home.

The whole holiday was relaxing and all I wanted to do is to switch off from work, no thoughts or anything about work.
It has been refreshing to say the least.

Now that I am back I’ve got a lot to do go forward in my career and life.

I’m starting a new job on Monday as a freelance/contractor. This is going to be fun, I’ve got to refresh my memory on the employee manual to see what I need to do on the first day.

This is going to be a challenging new start for me as the new job is going to be intense, the new way of working and strict. Strict in the sense that things need to be done right. This will mean reviewing and taking time to complete the job first time around. I hope I don’t get paralyzed with the analysis of my work and that what I am doing is going to be correct.

I really hope that this job really pushes me to be a better person and land myself a better job in the future.

The job is consulting and different to the work I use to do.

Now that I’ve put on some weight on during the holiday I need to work on myself.
I’ll be focusing on eating right, working out, and being more healthy than usual. With the time that I’ll have from work I can spend quality time on my body and mind.

With the long commuting, I can now spend time reading books on bettering myself. Changing my perspective and my mind on being a better and the constant improvement.

I will start blogging or writing more articles in my field to help me work on my chartership.

At least a few words on each individual section of my chapter will help push me in the right direction. Making coherent sentences will get me there and build my confidence in my work and my studies.

With this year’s deadline on my studies, I am hoping to finish it off in February and submit it to my lecturer for review. In regards to my dissertation I’ve got 2000 words out and I’ve got a long way to go to meet the minimum requirement of 10,000 words. I’ll get there surely as long as I write something every day.

My plan is to write something every day after work in a coffee shop or at the gym. This should be good and would give me time to get things in order in my mind. For the dissertation, I’ll be writing drafts and then edit it out for submission, which is better and faster to write about than doing.

This year I’ll be focusing on managing my finance better. It was a shamble last year. In a debt and all.
This year I want to clear my debt and focus on saving my money to buy a place of my own.
It is about getting a good foundation in my life for the future. I could either buy a place here or in Mauritius. But that’s a long-term goal anyway. It also seems that the GF might be moving back to HK at some point this year and I may need to get back into the game. I’ll probably get back writing my journey to getting back into it and hitting it hard in May after my studies.


Simple and Short Guide on writing good Blog Posts

Simple and Short guide on writing blog post

Like most people on the internet, I struggle to write content without waffle.
While looking for a book or guide, I found an outdated website that had a short post on a system on writing good blog post that is to the point.

It’s ‘system’ is a useful list of question that when answered guides you to write a good post. It brings out the most from what is stuck in your brain onto paper.

The questions re-iterated below are:
Question 1 – What is one sentence that describes this post?
Question 2 – What is the takeaway?
Question 3 – Which of my brand’s core messages does this post support?
Question 4 – What points do I want to make with this post?
Question 5 – What’s my call to action?

The questions and how to answer them is found on the