In Mauritius and thinking of writing a guide

In Mauritius and thinking of writing a guide

The girlfriend and I went to Mauritius for our holidays this December. She went headed back to the UK today; I’ve spent the day working on my dissertation.
I have been reading the $100 dollar startup by Chris Guillebeau at a restaurant this evening while taking a break. I did quite a good portion of reading as the restaurant was pretty slow ( I was the first one in)
I figured these entrepreneurs that Chris discussed wrote a few books and are making a descent salary of up to $30k a year.

I could do something like that and relax for a bit. I mean do I need £50k? Not sure I’d answer this for now, but I would say more than £35k would be descent.

While reading, I was thinking I could dedicate a site for tourists who are looking for adventure and cultural discovery on their own without big agency to know what to do in one place. To be more precise ‘Honeymooners’ looking to discover Mauritius and maximize their time here. This will help them do and see things in Mauritius on their stay without much frustrating planning.
If you think about it, if you know all the attractions and sights that need to be seen or done (like a check list) it would be easier, fun and rewarding to accomplish. – it should be frustration free.

For example, Trip advisor has been a pain for us as there was no off-line maps of Mauritius, and there wasn’t enough activities and attraction highlighted in the app to see and do. What more it didn’t show Domaine Anna which was fairly close to us numerous time.

The only thing that helped me throughout the holidays in Mauritius is Google Maps on the iPhone. You can save the whole island on the phone without using the off-line map option. All you have to do is before you go or at arrivals (yes there is free internet at the airport), is to go on Google maps, and zoom in and out the Mauritius and Pan the whole island. Do this on the normal map (the one without the satellite images), and it will save all the roads.

However, the downside is that some roads are off and not accurate. The only accurate map I found is the iPhone’s native one, but you cannot go offline with it. The only way is to buy a pre-paid Sim card from the phone shops in Mauritius and plug into your phone. I would recommend using Orange’s network. It was very reliable, and the internet is pretty fast.

Don’t get any subscription through orange, just buy the internet packages. If you dial in 8900 from your orange phone, an operator will pick up the phone, and you can ask them how to buy a top up card and what to do to buy the internet bundles.
They usually sell them through 100mb, 200mb, 1gb, 5gb limits.

I can see some potential in this; I might need to do some investigating and some writing.

The only thing that is stopping me is time to write down guides consistently. Unless I copy and re-edit a lot from other books. I’ll have to see and decide. I’ll probably take a look at the decision matrix on the $100 startup and see what would be viable to start on with.

I’ve had several projects in the past regarding software, blogs, sites, etc…. But I haven’t had the patience to follow it through. There is always that doubt that it won’t succeed, and I feel that I’ll be wasting my time. I think this is my single most frustrating problem when it comes to it.

I also have my other website that I am currently building to help the construction industry. Should I start this side blog on the side while working on it?

I’ll do some research online and competing sites:

…mostly I also need to see for myself that blogging does generate interest and traffic.

Anyway back to studying for now…