Started writing for my RICS studies

it’s freaking hard, trying to write for technical writing is pretty damn hard!

The amount of reading tonight was quite a lot for a few words I wrote for the night.

I think I am rushing it, maybe some planning, organisation and structure to write one big article per week should be good.
I don’t think it won’t be good putting a lot of pressure writing a lot in one night, I think I need to pace it like a full coursework assignment to explain it in detail and take time outlining the actual content.

The question is whether to do it on word or google docs. I do love google docs to hold all my files, and easy access to written content but I am not to happy about the referencing tools available.

Well… do i even need to reference fully?
not sure, but it would be good.

Well, this week I am going to write about procurement, then next week about tendering procedures, the week after I’ll talk about collateral warranty, novation, assignment, retention, etc….

After that, I’ll go through some construction technology
The other thing I need to concentrate this week too is to write up about the services my dad’s business provide. He just gave me a book so I’ll jump onto that to get started on understanding the practical and theory of the services he provides so whatever I write is legit and is not conflicting.

Like I said, writing is important and does help you get better.
This evening since probably 20:30 I’ve been writing, reading, writing, reading and more writing.
I don’t know about you, but the most-enjoyable moment of the day is this time where I dump my thoughts and feelings about what needs to be done.

Today I’ve found the funniest and most-informative book I’ve came across, on writing by Stephen king, I’ve got it on audio from audible.
You have to get Stephen King’s narrated version, it is brilliant, the way he delivers it is freaking brilliant.

He just gets to the point – one of the reasons he wrote this short book is so that there is less bullshit. compare to other big books on writing this book is short to cut out all the bullshit and give you less bullshit to deal with.

There are a lot of books and blogs out there that waffles a lot of crap but gets to the point at the end where it doesn’t help the reader at all. This is what I’ve been getting from Hubspot last year when I was reading their blogs.
it’s pure content porn, no practical or actional value but content porn.
write my fingers are hurting and I’m hungry I’m heading to bed.


Not being taken seriously…

I am not being taken seriously at work, for some reason I am lowering myself to others at work when I know I shouldn’t. for some reason I am acting shy, child looking, and I know that I am doing it only after the event.

it seems I have no control as to why I am doing this.
it seems that I am seeking attention and validation from others.

I don’t know why I am doing this… is this because I am not confident in undertaking the task or I don’t know anything.
Should I just keep quiet and do my work? maybe so, I think that should be my strategy going forward before i damage my rep.

I feel that I am weaker in front of the others QS and stronger mentally against the other people.
I keep seeking attention for every little thing.
I need to stop this.

I need to be consciously aware of that and stop myself from commenting and adding my opinion. maybe it’s that I don’t have anyone around me to talk to that I am being led that way.

I want to change I want to be better. I want to be perceived as a person with control, I don’t feel like I’ve been given the chance to get into that place.

tomorrow I am going to crack on with my work, hard and concentrated.
I’ll list out the prioritise and the sequence at which I need to work to. I will be calm and take time to respond to others.
I know I am good at this and charismatic.
I need to be the best because I am the best.

I want to slow everything down, my thoughts, etc.…
I am in control and I don’t need to seek their help.
I don’t need them, I can work it out myself and do it slowly and up to the quality. I don’t need to seek their approval.

this feeling I would call it shaky, it is when I am not in full control and I am seeping out confidently against others.
this lack of concentration isn’t helping at all.

tomorrow when I wake up I need to give myself some time to relax and meditated. I need to concentrate at the task at hand and be fully conscious of my surrounding.
I need to be my best self.
I am the best.
in regards to writing content, I did a little bit of it for my dad’s website, but the problem is that I don’t know anything about the subject that would be valuable. I am learning while I am writing. Which is a pain…..

However, I am planning on writing an article on payment terms and the housing grant this week. I will use this for my RICS as well as my business blog.
I think I will enjoy this. I am aiming at producing a mind map by the end of tomorrow.

and on the back burner I am thinking of breaking down the studies of the RICS APC. I will use the study guidelines and work my way out of it. I will work on this on the weekend and write shit loads.
I’ll probably end up at a Starbucks in central London and kick back with my laptop and write away. at the end of the day, my new-found philosophy is to write my way to success by developing detail information about the industry through writing.
All it takes is a few 1000s word and you’re knowledged enough about a certain topic. I think in addition to writing it is the constant repetition of that subject that makes you a great person in that field.

I was also thinking about a niche within the market that has some demand of some sort, the NEC and BIM ideally. The NEC contract is growing its market share every day, and BIM is a new government initiative that most construction will need to adhere too. I think we should take a look at the implementation in HK on how they deal with the Building information modelling there and what they include here. Learn from them and add on?

well anyway I’m knackered, I’ll crack onto this tomorrow and get the most of tomorrow. Be on top of things. 

Finally completed my resit coursework, hopefully i pass it this time around.

How I feel when I write
How I feel when I write

I am going to send it tomorrow at work once I’ve had a good night sleep and edited the shit out of it where possible.

It has been a productive weekend, I was able to complete all 3 questions in the weekend. it is surprising again how we work. you put a deadline months ahead and the only time you undertake it all is within a few days.

I wish this would work with everything else…

on the same point, I’ve notice this insight in both business and academic studies. To setup a business that allows you to earn a living through selling an information product, writing is involved heavily. Same goes with getting a degree in a specific field.
for example we study over 3-4 years on an undergraduate course and write roughly 6×3000 = 18,000 words a year and 18,000 x 2 = 26,000 + 20,000 (dissertation) = 46,000 over 3 years. If you think about it this is a lot!

Now it works out the same for a business where they usually recommend writing around 1,000 words a week and post it on your blog to generate traffic and to actually establish as an authority in a specific field and it takes roughly 1-2 years. so let’s work this out, 52×1,000 = 52,000 and say that you do it over 2 years to at least make the £100k mark that’s around 104,000 words! that is a lot.
But there are blogs who’ve posted less and made a lot!

So what I am trying to say to you guys is that this correlation in becoming an adequate expert in a certain topic or field requires a lot of time and a lot of writing. I think it’s best to start now.

If you’re able to knock out more than 50,000 words on a certain topic, you’re pretty much bound to know the ins and outs of that industry.
if you are unemployed and you could knock out 2,000 to 10,000 words a day (see this book on amazon I’ve actually take a read at it, and it is simple to follow.
There are 3 items you need to have, knowledge, time, energy. Something like that.
It is true that you could probably knock out the 10,000 mark but I think you’ll still need to plan out what you’ll be writing.
P.s. this blog post is just written like that without any plan I just like dumbing my thoughts like a conversation to someone.
I believe in warming up before you start writing, for example writing this blog every night keeps in my fingers and me in shape to write-up more and more every day.
Especially when I want to become a person of authority in my field. I know it will take time but I eventually want to get a lot of traffic.
Looking just at the SEO side of things there is not a lot of search queries about the topics I’ll be covering but hopefully the what I’ll be writing at the end of the day will just make me a better person.
I will also be using this opportunity to knock out two things, my dissertation and my chartership by writing everyday.
I’ll be learning new things and explaining it all on my blog so that I can retain that information over a longer period of time.

I think I’ll be looking at one topic per week to cover it up.
This week I’ll be looking at the Quantity surveying to see if I can apply Tim ferris’ accelerated learning techniques.

The DiSS formula.
Well, anyway i’m freaking knackered now, and I think I’ll head to sleep now, this post was a late one.
A new week is starting up tomorrow. 

Wasted 6 hours today

Today I was supposed to work on my studies but instead I’ve spent a good portion of my time watching TV.

For some reason, my brain wants it and craves a show and just relaxing.
This mind-numbing moment of just being told a story and getting immersed into someone’s mind for a few hours. Just mind-numbing.
Don’t like it when that happens…so unproductive.

I don’t know about you guys, but every time I get drawn into watching more and more TV and get in that mind numbing mode. I’ve spent a lot of my life in front of the TV watching and draining my time.

As the time I am writing this, some big ass spider crawled up my neck, reddish kind.
Man! that gave me the creeps. Threw thing off me and I had to go downstairs and get the insect replant and spray it around my room.
I’ve left it to air until the poison does it job.

I might go and get that insect bomb from the girlfriend and let one loose in my room and kill these bastards. I Freaking hate them.


Well, the plans of finishing off the coursework today didn’t plan out, I’ve still got 2 questions to go and I have to finish them tomorrow.
I’ve got to put a lot of time and just keep writing, fewer notes and more comprehension and writing.
I’ve got to finish this tomorrow and get a chance to go see the girlfriend in the evening.
Tomorrow I’m planning on waking up at 6 and getting the questions planned and written out. Once done I’ll go through the notes and books and just fill in the plans with a lot of references from cases.

Hopefully, I’ll get a lot of the work done before noon.
I’ve got to complete this by midday tomorrow. I have to write it all up.

So this is the sequence I’ll be aiming tomorrow:

1. breakdown the topic
2. find the topics I need to cover
3. mind map all the questions I need to answer to answer the questions
4. find a chapter about this in each of my main construction books
5. in each chapter I’ll skim it and look at the headings to see if it gives me some ideas of what to cover
6. attack one book and read and make comprehension
7. once I’ve done everything I read through the points and find the glue to connect the essays
8. try to cover everything possible in the book 

Trying Writer pro today and I’m unfit…

Had a terrible day, a lot to do at work.
I went to the gym today, a bit late but at least 45 min of workout. I was surprised that I couldn’t even run more than 5 min… pretty pathetic..

I need to build it up to 20min, I need to work out regularly every day of the week like I use to back a few months ago.
the problem is the nutrition, I need to eat a lot more good stuff and less bad stuff.
It’s pretty hard as today after dinner I just reached out to get an icecream. I need to be conscious about it and change one thing every day.
I will also take a look at the four-hour life in terms of food and workout I could try out, but I will prominently do the following that:

10min warmup + Legs and shoulders + 20min cardio
10min warmup + Chest and triceps + 20 min cardio
10min warmup + Biceps and back + 20 min cardio

I use to work this out 5 times a week and take 2 breaks from what I can recall, I was losing a lot of weight doing this.
I was also eating very little and making my own lunch day in and out.

My breakfast consisted of two porridge packs with bananas, sometimes I would have tea with a little bit of milk.
Then I would have some kind of snack at lunch time which would consist of avocado, wheat bread, mozzarella and chicken. I would normally have 2-3 portions of that.
I would sometimes swap the chicken around with tuna. The major problem with that was that sometimes it tasted awful. then for dinner I would just have a meal replacement shake.

Now I realised that milk isn’t so great, well…cow milk isn’t so great. I’ve been having goats milk for some time now and I find it really nice.
* this reminds me that I need to get some ground coffee tomorrow.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to complete my coursework and head down to see Janet and spend time with her.
Tomorrow’s plan
tomorrow I am planning to wake up around 6-7pm and do some work until 7:30 where I will then prep to head down the gym early and get that high from the coffee supplement.
I will try to get at least 10min on the running machine, I think even though I can hit around 10-20min on skipping I can’t go beyond 5 on the running machine. I think it vital I gets back in shape before my summer holidays with Janet in France.
after the 10min warm up, I’ll be doing my chest and triceps and kill it hard. it will be 6 exercises consisting of 3 chests and 3x triceps. it will be 3×12 sets with a challenging weight that I will struggle on. I will start off on a test weight to see what I can lift and kill it hard to 10-12 sets.
hopefully I won’t be lazy and log it somewhere.

I will kill it with 3 exercises for the chest and then do the triceps to kill it off on the arms.
to finish off I will do some abs and do 20min of running.
this should be intense enough to get me hyped up.
hopefully I get my shakes tomorrow, but I doubt that’ll happen.

I just found this article on reps and sets on the .
the one thing that everyone should really be reminded of is that to put on muscle is to stress them enough and frequently so that it tears up. When you tear it up, you build more by supplementing your body with protein shakes, or good food with high protein content. Usually I find that hydro whey from optimum nutrition really works well with me because I gained a lot of lean muscle while using it, but it is expensive. I went back down to gold whey from optimum nutrition.
I just think that the stuffs they bring out is quality products and no imitation or crap that’s going to get you into some serious trouble.
you want quality food in you.

after gym
after the gym, I’ll head back home and continue cracking on the coursework. I am aiming to finish off the insurance/3rd parties liability coursework by midday so that I can crack on the payment terms later on during the afternoon.
with that out of the way, I can go finish off the first question and hopefully spend Sunday editing.

I also need to remind myself to pay for the re-sit fee for university. that’s going to cost me a good £100…
well i deserve it for not getting it right the first time around.
In terms of business, I hopefully will use this opportunity to use those research to write up blogs/resource for the public.
I think I should be targeting potential clients who are going to start undertaking construction works and will potential need to know where to start technically and look at topographical surveys to start on their building process.
We could sell it in the sense that you need a topographical survey as they would need to get a survey done as they need to provide accurate information to designers, etc.…
I will also use this opportunity to write about quantity surveying topics that I am covering so that I am knocking it out.
anyway kinda tired right now, I’m going to run this through and submit this with some photos.tumblr_mchwjiZJdT1r600xqo1_500


10 minutes

All I could do today was 10 min at the gym, I felt sick and drained out and hungry even though that I have eaten 2–3 portions this morning, but it wasn’t enough I was still below 2000 calories. It’s not good.
The doctor/nurse at work advised me that it is not good to be below the 2000 mark as a man and that it will affect me when trying to lose weight, etc….
The problem is that I am not eating enough nutritious food and it is not filling me up and satisfying my requirements for the day.

This could be one of the issues I might be having with myself. I might head down to see a nutritionist so that she give me some advice regarding this.

The doc said that I should really be focusing on my diet first and then clean it off at the gym afterwards. Even though, I knew that a diet played a good part of weight loss and a healthy diet I didn’t see it in that sequence which refreshed my memories on this.

What I’ll be doing tomorrow is to have a bit healthier food and vegetables. (btw I don’t remember posting, but I did say that I will be going for healthier/vegan options whenever there is an option for it) Rather go for vegan and try it out and get used to it.
I know it will take time to make it a habit but it is something I need to work towards doing. Having more vegetables and fruits as possible.

In terms of business, I am still between two options of following two opportunities and focus on them.
The first being the construction industry where I’ll be focusing on building my dad’s business and get it off the ground and getting people trained up, etc….
The second is going down the game route, even though this is really appealing I cannot see myself executing this and teaching people about game and PUA. I am nowhere near experienced, but I know a lot of people to execute it.
the troubling thing is that I want to make 100s of thousands to live of live where I am free to travel the world and work off the laptop.

it does seem like an option by pushing myself towards the construction route.
Maybe I could write up a blog post every week while I’m studying the topics for the charter ship. It is something I need to be working too as I have 2 years to complete.
There is a lot to be done by next year with my studies(masters) and the charter ship that’s going on.
maybe by starting to write on my dad’s business’ site on construction term that it’ll pick things up. I know it is not ideal in targeting a particular market but it something to show that we know what we’re talking about in terms of development and perhaps word it in a way that is targeted to clients while informing them of all these things that they need to know while advertising our business.
The articles/blog post will be mostly informative on legal issues in construction which could attract project managers, quantity surveyors, etc…. who might be interested in the problem that they need to solve but also drive traffic to build awareness and actually sell products on my website.
I could slowly start working on the blog, etc….

I don’t think I should think about it too much, but I could sometimes start focusing on writing an article or two on my dad’s business this weekend and once a month for my game blog.
At the end of the day, I think I just want to write a book for the game side of things and leave it as that. It would be valuable and will get people from no one to someone attractive.

so here’s the plan
1. gather the list of topics from the RICS
2. breakdown the main topics as my lecturer set it up
3. try to link the modules together to see what would cover what (in the background)
4. start writing on one topic at a time and have a full detailed explanation with reference.
5. Every 2–3 days I should be pushing an article out on the blog. the aim here is to write 1 article for the first few months on an individual topic as detail as possible. then pickup the pace.


Between two places

I’ve been feeling lethargic lately – feeling tired and unmotivated. There is a deadline next week Monday for my coursework, and I haven’t been able to muster the energy to go to it.
it feels like a dream at the moment; it feels nostalgic and out of control.
I don’t know what is happening around me per and lacking focus and control.

I didn’t realise I still had a yearly subscription to for some audiobooks, I have 12 credits to spend up before next subscription run.
I will take a look at downloading some books on mindset, focus and productivity.
I’ll be downloading one book at a time because I keep changing ideas, focus and target.

A few weeks ago I was writing about game, etc.… I spent a whole week writing an article on the game. I am not sure if I should continue on this or not. I do have a lot of connection, and it inspires me to make a change and teach. But I have fear that this will not succeed as I’m entering a saturated market. Or so I believe.
There is a lot of search queries and a lot of men every year once they reach a certain age are turning to online dating, or seeking a date of some sort.
I believe that the way people are learning to date and socialise is the wrong way to go about it.
Facebook and online dating really isn’t the way to socialise. I am a humanatarian in a way. I want to help others fix this issue with socialising and confidence.

I fall in between two places at the moment, either helping my father with his business and our family life or working on my business setting up an information product of some sort.
There are a few options I can still continue with the dating theme and continue blogging or not.? The question I should ask is why I want to quit right now?
is it because that I do not see any results?
let me try answer…I feel that there is not a lot of people interested, and it is a hard sell.

because I feel that for them to help, they need to invest a lot in themselves. A lot of money. it will be hard for them to benefit from it
and it is a high price.

why is it a problem?
I think I’m scared that I can’t deliver value the way they want to see.
I feel that I am scared about getting my business running and delivering value. I’m scared that I am not that person who will be running around chasing girls.
I feel that I would be best-suited to run a business but not execute. Is this something that I should continue to pursue?

if I feel that I should continue in an environment where I don’t execute, but I manage I feel more comfortable. I believe that if I work at a higher level dictating and managing teams to execute it in an efficient way that things will get better.
The problem is money…I will need a source of finance to get this off the ground and get a business running.
I could do this with my dad’s business….again between running my own and helping my dad with his.
I need to make a decision.

Should I help my dad or work on my own business?
I don’t know, and I want to do both.
But I know I can, I need to focus on one.
Maybe working on the surveying one shouldn’t be a bad idea for now.

I might just invest in getting articles up and running and the main website off the ground with articles running every week or so and pay someone to write a good article every week to drive credibility and traffic.

I also have an idea to build a landing page and funnel source for people applying for planning permits online.
I’ll see how this progress.

I still find myself struggling at time when I’m shaky, in the sense that I am not fully congruent to myself and stumble upon my words. I’m not at the moment.
i think I need to get back in logging my diary on progressing myself and just generally talking to myself to get better.

There is no better person than me to fix this shit, and I am not going to get any help.

I want to be better
I want to be free from killing myself working
I want to live my youth while I can
It will take some time to get there.

I’ll post tomorrow and focus on what I need to do.