Writing I have been looking at writing blog posts properly recently as I want to improve the quality of my posts and actually get good at writing essays/articles on certain subjects faster, clearer and to the point.

I found a few books on the subject, but the one that really got my attention is this one from Problogger on how to write a great blog content.

A comment on this is that there is a lot of bloody links and its all over the place. It does have some kind of structure to it, but ideally my thoughts are that when you’re writing a piece is to make the other person understand the point of the article faster in a structure.

I strongly believe structure and sequence is key and people want these kinds of articles and resource. I was stuck with information, analysis when I found inbound marketing by Hubspot, all I wanted is to learn how to get started, but the amount of information was all over the place and it wasn’t structured.

What I’ve learned

What I’ve learnt from the resources so far is that you need the following to make a blog content engaging and drive traffic.

  1. A compelling topic
  2. A carefully worded title that engages curiosity
  3. Structure & sequence in the content
  4. Headlines to break down the structure
  5. A point to the topic
  6. A call to action at the end for them to take a beneficial action.

Yes, it’s that easy and that’s all you have to do… No more running around and reading a lot more content.

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