Campaigns are now live but having issues with Facebook

Hey guys finally the campaign is live for my affiliate marketing programme.

I decided I didn’t need to test getting a video, etc…. at the moment.
I am testing the ads directly linkin to the offers own landing page to see if people would be purchasing from them.
If it does than great! If not then I’ll have to setup the landing page, which I am currently working on.
I am going to be targeting mobile users in the UK onto a mobile landing page to then offer then the links and video if they submit their emails.
From there I’ll get try to sell straight away after the free download. If that doesn’t work after a few 100 view then I’ll move into the video tutorial which I’ll be working on the side while im gathering data.

All I had to test for now was traction of the right audience to see which one is working!

At the moment I was surprised that the demographic I chose was very very small! I targeted the interested I needed and found that only 6k guys in london were into this!

I wasn’t happy with that so I broadened the search to include more people in there.

I just need to see if everything is working fine and is actually getting some clicks. I would know if the target is interested in the product and then I’ll re-iterate the market again and again until i find it.

I am going to wait until next week to gather all the data that I need.
It’ll be effectively 1 campaign = 1 test unless i’ve done something really wrong.
I’ll post the updates now and then.

but in regard to the day job i’m losing a lot of focus because of this.
I need to get back on track tomorrow.
I’ve got a meeting tomorrow at one of the project offices to get things going. i feel lately I haven’t been doing much much.
Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get back in shape and get things going.
I’m going got go sleep now and try wake up early enough to go gym.

to be honest waking up at around 5:30, get ready and going gym should be ok.
I need to shuffle up my workout to what i use todo.
I think i’ll go back to working out using the full body workout from men’s fitness

Update: I haven’t been able to wake up early enough to go. Aching all over. Gonna go in the evening to sort this out
I’m gonna be following the 12 week body plan from men’s fitness.
I’ve used it in the past and started to see results 6 weeks in but got sick and had to start again at week 6 then kind of have up.

The problem is that you have to keep going. Now holidays are on etc… I should take some time and focus on myself. There’s a lot going on at the moment and I can’t seem to focus.

One of the subcontractors are pissing me off with their claims.

Anyway an update regarding the campaign.
One thing I’ve learnt is that most of the ads gets disapproved too quickly and they don’t read the ad fully.
My ad bordered online dating a lot and 1/3 of my ads were dissaproved. That means I can’t test all my ads in one go.

I just have to wait a while for each ad campaign to see if it can be pushed out or not.
It’s a bit annoying that I have a longer wait time but I eventually get approved.
They know of the problem but yet again every time I submit it to facebook the ads gets dissaproved.

I will be posting up a new set of ads tonight and see how far I can go with it.


Most of my ads keeps getting rejected by facebook…I’m still determine to push through it and keep getting my ads approved.

I am going to speak to someone tomorrow to see if I can resolve this…this is being idiotic.

anyway a bit annoyed at the whole thing…meh. wasted 2 hours at home fucking around with it. I’ll persist. I know I am right.


Planning my hourglass marketing – how to build like and trust guide

I am currently reading a book on designing my own course, the reason why I am reading this short book (only took 20min to read with Ireadfast app), is to educate my customers to get a good understanding of the product/services.
I know its a bit too deep in sense of educating someone but I rather do it nicely and not waste too much time. I’m not going to spend a lot of time analysing it but I am just posting my thoughts on the matter and what I am planning to do.

The principle is that you have to gear your course to the customer and where they currently are. The author had a great analogy of how would you teach baking to someone who needs it. Is she a pro or someone who never cooked in her life?
We also need to consider where she needs to go with the course. Does she just wants to get Freaking good or just be able to learn to cook a cake in her life?
simplicity vs complexity really… Don’t make something too complex or comprehensive unless that is point of the course. But in my mind I don’t need to go complex but I just need convince and make them trust me on the product I am selling. I am tapping into a lot of people who are unaware that they can learn social skills to get a girlfriend or boyfriend, even better yet to build a really good social circle. it’s aim for single guys and girls who are feeling alone on the weekend.

Therefore we need to identify where they are and what we’re tying to achieve.

Identify where the customers are = unaware of the problem
and what outcome I want them to achieve = starting a journey (or the call to action) get them to initially take a step into this world of self development) and my mode of delivering this value is with a big WHY! and big movement really.

I think starting with a movement will be much better and will come within people when I connect with them.

These are the steps I found out from the book
1. find out about the customer and where they are (use the hourglass marketing funnel that will help)
2. once you’ve done that identify the goal of the course (educating them on XXX to get XXXX) the one I have at the moment is to educate them to show them another option other than online dating, make them aware, build trust and make them believe it is possible. Providing valuable insights on getting it is pretty descent.
3. my own addition = Prepare a rough step by step of where you want it to go
4. Brain storm what would be important to talk about and implement
5. Prepare sequence and steps from the mind map
6. Identify on each node which steps has a precedence to be able to undertake that step. For example you can’t build a roof on a building without building the foundation and the walls.
7. Keep asking yourself what is the next logical step to reach the outcome
8. Double check the sequence back and forth to see if everything just makes sense in that sequence
9. Prepare your content page
10. prepare a list of things that they’ll need to have to be able to take the course in the end and a summary of the expected outcome from it. Be honest!
11. Keep the content 15–20min each to get it very concise and to the point (ideally get a few slides where I’ll be talking 2–4min each)

Some additional tips from her were:
1. resist the temptation of going to deep, if you’re offering an introduction course then keep it as an introduction and if they want to learn more than do so.
2. Keep it short and simple and don’t over complicate things
3. Just place a placeholder if it needs a deeper explanation and just cover the top level surface.

Now that I understand what I need to design the course I will start with the steps I just outlined and work my way up.

That’s it for now I’ll do some work and post some updates on what I am doing.

Resources used:

Hey guys still

Hey guys still working on my coursework. Hopefully be done tomorrow and go see the GF.
I can’t wait to finish and submit it then I can start my business and build the lead nurturing.
I know it’s going to take some time to prepare the content + video for presentations.

Ideally the best way to go about it is to write down the content => slideshows => videos

I think video content are better and easier to demonstrate and market products.

the aim of the content is to re-educate them on valuable information that changes their mindshifts on scientific side.

Examples of the topics I’ll be covering

  • Why online dating is wrong and what you can do about it (why we do what we do)
  • Goal setting and motivation (mastering) and analysis paralysis (hubspot and doing your coursework)
  • The human brain between female and men – how it works and how you connect. Masculinity vs Feminity
  • Case study: why it still works for an introvert
  • Starting with Why
  • Why asking someone straight away is a bad idea – how sales work and how
    • Case study: I’m fat or I don’t look good.
  • you have to sell yourself. Talk about the system
  • Where you are on Maslow’s Hiearchy of needs
  • Case study; why height doesn’t matter
  • First impression why it’s important and how to create a great impression
  • Great inner game (belief) and how it ties with your outer game
  • Getting a Mentor (why it’s important and how that’s going to accelerate your growth)
  • Why building a social circle is great

well i’ll amend it later on but I am planning to prepare just 7–10 videos and put it out on wistia and mailchimp to lead nurture and generate more clients that way.
The problem is my customer isn’t aware of the solution so I have to bring out all the frustrations and problem they might have faced in the past and tell them it’s okw e can deal with that and trust us we’ve dealt with it.

It has to be honest and hard truth about things and educate them on a new way to go about things.
The content should be inspirational, clear, honest and brutal.

anyway going sleep we talk soon people!


Just been approached by sales triangle

Just been approached by some american dude trying to get me to join his pyramid scheme. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

They basically approached me on FB after I was looking for some help for affiliate marketing.
It seems like they’re fucking me around and I don’t see it correlate with my views at all. I have no desire to work on their marketing at all.

They’re marketing an energy drink that’s in the states, I know from talking to people and some guys in london that marketing energy drinks in the UK was pretty hard a shit loads of money would have been spent giving away free drinks to get people interested in the drink in the first place.
Selling consumable goods in the UK is pretty hard and I am not the kind of guy for this going into shops to upsell products, etc… there.

I don’t think this is a great idea at all.

In other news I spoke to a Facebook rep today regarding the marketing campaign and I should be focusing on one smaller market then expand out to other companies.
So my plan of having 1000s of ads won’t be worth it because each ad would only make 10 expression which would mean fuck all.
What I’d need to have is around 10k+ to identify the opportunities on there and see if it converts.
Ideally 2 ads should be enough per target.

So the plan is to draft 2 specific ad for one specific market (e.g. London) then split them based on age. Then further split it on Gender, etc….

The other problem I need to look into is the actual market I’m penetrating, at the moment using Ansoff’s matrix I will be entering a new marketing
Ansoff’s matrix

As i’ll be entering a new market but using an existing product, I’ll be in the Market Development quadrant.
This means that the market needs to be developed and make them aware of the product and upsell them.

This is going to be a very long journey to sell a high end product but! it is possible.
Using the AIDA marketing technique Wikipedia

I will need to look making them aware of the product, that means making them aware there is an option to do XX – for example “did you know you could….”

then you get the’re interest

Then once we’ve got their interest we need to convince them that they need and desire this product (probably some time constraint and a reflection on mis opportunities in their life)

Then we get them to take the action.

This can usually take some time but I’ll need to investigate on some examples on its use….
Some could also use the duct tape marketing funnel which is much nicer to understand. know – like – trust – try – buy – repeat.

Extract for John Jantsch’s website:
Know – They want to give permission to the companies they want to know (make them aware and entice them into being curious about it enough to put their email)
Like – They want to learn to like and respect companies that might be addressing their needs in a way that makes sense to them (teaching them some stuff)
Trust – They want to see that their friends and others they relate to have come to trust certain organizations for a variety of reasons (social proof and case studies)
Try – They want to be able to prove to themselves that buying from certain organization won’t make them look foolish (try and feel that they got something very valuable and not cheesy)
Buy – They want to discover that there are companies that make the buying experience as awesome as the marketing experience
(make the purchase experience easy and effortless for them to buy it fully)
Repeat – They want to develop ties to organizations they can count on and that allow them to forget about other options
(have a community for this)
Refer – They want to have such a remarkable experience with organizations that so exceed their expectations they are compelled to share with the world how smart they are

So the idea for now is to
1. Get 2 ads to target central london to make them aware of the product and send them to my landing page
2. Get their emails to entice them to learn more
3. Teach them why we do what we do (simon sineck ) & also give them valuable information that correlates with the teaching + benefits
4. Gain their trust by giving more value + providing real life case studies
5. Educate them some more and try to get them to try taking some actions
6. Try to sell them the course at the end
7. Remind them of the benefits
8. Offer them to join your free community

It seems like a lot to be done but it has to be done.

My action now is to get at least 14 days of good content that I’ll translate into video. yep…I decided I rather present it as it has been proven by others that there is a higher rate of conversion and trust when someone watches and listens to something.
So all I have to do is 14 articles…. It’ll take some time but that’s what work is called work, you’ll have to do some…

I think deliverying at least 10–30min videos should be fine and get started from written content to powerpoint to presentations.
This is a lot of content to produce but at the end of the day its about the investment that is required to make the money. If the sales funnel is crap you’ll get crap.
So best get good shit that makes you look good infront of people and then selling will be effortless.
I should be selling it without pushing it hard but subtle note for example I would mention to refer back to the pages of the book to get more information.

Anyway freaking tired and I’m going to go sleep shortly and get some rest. Tomorrow got to read and write a lot for the coursework.
In just 30min tonight I wrote 1000 words! how cool is this!


Progress on business and just submitted the course


I just submitted my coursework today for the arbitration course. I’ve got one more to go that is due next monday…that’ll ruin my weekend again. After this I’ll be free for a few months. But I’ll have to get my head in gear to study the procurement questions, etc….


I spoke to a few people from a business group online in Chicago, they seem like they’re making money.

I could potentially help them out on some projects while learning the ropes on affiliate marketing and push things forward mad on getting some more money.

At the moment I am following charlesngo’s blog on affiliate marketing and other productivity tips that he has.

Affiliate plans

My aim today is to get the ball rolling by preparing the landing page for a first test to straight sales… to my affiliate product.

I will see if that is going to help in the purchase or not. The basic test is to either go straight to the purchase or go straight to the companies landing page.

For now I will copy some of the copy on the website and place it on the landing page.

Then i’ll forward them to Ls’s landing page for the product.

So re-summarised the flow of customers will be of the following:

Flow chart of my campaign test
Flow chart of my campaign test

The reason why I am doing this is to test to see if LS’s landing page is any good for conversion or if my landing page is so good that I can entice for direct purchase.


In regards to the ads variation I’ve decided to use Qwaya and create a 1000’s of variance of the ads and let it run for a while to find the best title.

I’ll be running the test  on one city and then grow it out from there onwards to see a growth in there. The product is market penetration really and not something that is already there therefore I don’t have to compete against anyone else in this niche.

Within those I’ll retarget again for different age groups

  • 17-21
  • 22-25
  • 26-30
  • 31-35
  • 36-40
  • 41+
Target Market Breakdown
Target Market Breakdown

The reason why I’ll be running a lot of variable for the ads. 10 ads at most that I am fairly confident would work.

The plan:


Plan for ad variation on Facebook
Plan for ad variation on Facebook

I’ll be spending around $100 on the ads to see which one hooks and which one doesn’t on a CPC basis to get massive amount of clicks.


I am not disclosing what I will be advertising for now until I get something running.



The idea is to setup qwaya to increase my bid until I start getting 1000+ views on each add on CPC.

If I don’t get any clicks in 24 hour once I’ve reached the minimum bid that allows for fast reach of views then I drop it.

I need to get at least 1% CTR on the ads to keep them and analyse. I am getting too little on these ads I’ll drop em.

I’ll be running the ads next week but there is a lot to prepare and do…

  1. 10-20 ad variance  with different angles
  2. Landing page
  3. Checkout

I’ll be brainstorming the ideas on mindmeisters and copy problems vs solutions that the product offers on its current landing page.


Tonight’s homework is to generate the problem vs solutions of the product from mindmeister and then go from there to create 10 ad variance.



p.s. feel much better after writing this blog post and submitting my coursework this morning. 

Hate the business mastermind

I was signed up to  business mastermind of 5 guys recently for business.

It went great at the start but eventually these guys were more interested in going out to pickup chicks rather than building a business.

I hate the fact that they are selfish about it and take take take….

they don’t give a shit about my goals and the such.

I’m just really annoyed atm with them.


Seems like I’ll have to go about this on my own and be self accountable through my blog.

I have decided to start doing the whole affiliate marketing business on my own. There is a lot of work to be done and a lot of preparation to get started.

My plan is to prepare a lot of different segmented ads across United states cities, China, India and the Uk.

With those each of them will have a different segment for each age group that means each age group will run their own ads, etc….

At the moment I want to test out which ads would bite from the iteration of 1200+ value proposition and different values in the ads.


Once I’ve done the ads I will prepare a really good landing page + video presentation. I will use camtasia and powerpoint to explain the benefits and values in the video.

I will prepare a written script first and then start up with the power point slide. It doesn’t matter on the length but as long as there is a lot of value being demonstrated in that video it is fine.

I’ll start of explaining the why before we start the video to get people’s buy in into the whole concept.

In regards to the mastermind, fuck em. not interested to share with them any of my success, etc…  I rather work on my own and do my own stuff.

they’re useless and selfish people.


I wonder if

Crap posting just published for the fun, no edits done…

I wonder if…I should start posting on my friend’s website which is already driving traffic.
He is getting traffic and I think it would be interesting if I could bounce off his traffic and send them to my blog and increase traffic that way.

Like posting on the community forum to share some information on what’s happening and everything else.
I could even join his network of guys online to share to capture more information.

again I feel like jumping ideas, I really want to stick down to one community to build enough traction to do some damage and produce content that sells, etc…

Looking at what I want I think I really want to set a goal on how I want things to be done really.

Maybe I want a lifestyle where I could just be writing and managing people in an organisation.
Where I could just travel and not have to worry about people asking for help but they just buy and be done with it in some sense.
Even better like a store where people just buy and that is it.
They buy the product and return to purchase more and more in some sense.

I want people to look for something online, find my store and eventually purchase something from it and everything else is automated.

I want to be sitting at home, at the gym and getting loads of purchases online like I use to for the IPB community.
Maybe it’s something I’d like to jump into and see if there is something there yet?

(so freaking annoying that I can’t stick to one topic…)
I think it because I have too many options to take and I don’t know if it’s right or not.
Maybe taking a look at the audience on Facebook to see if there is a big audience out there that is worth working on?

Like Get a list of 3–5 market’s I’d like to work on and start working on them and finding out if there is a big market to start tackling them.
Maybe using Facebook as a method to push through these ideas and get something growing from there?

Maybe following the following sequence could help?
1. Find a list of 50 things i’m interested in and work towards to
2. Refine keywords an audience

I think guest posting on my friend’s blog would be an interesting idea to generate traffic to my website using some kind of survey I would find out what they are looking for and give them ebooks that has affiliate links that I could sell and generate more monies from.
I would already have credibility, etc….
I think im going to do that then drive traffic to my own website to talk about things there.
I think this a great idea to start off with as I’ll have authority from him anyway. He is popular but he doesn’t write anymore these days. Pretty freaking sad.

I’ll work on making his blog the shit and use it to turn visitors to my site using some guest posting and link building from his site using the author tool on the posts.

oh gosh warming up…caughing up a lot and sweating the beast is coming out of me!
Reminds me gotta go run


Putting on some weight

Im back at Janet’s today and she’s noticed I put on some weight and I need to get that sorted.
Since January I’ve put on 5kg and I’m now 87kg, nearing the 90kg mark.
A few years ago I promised myself never to let myself loose and go beyond the 85kg mark ever!
I need to get back on track…
I’ve been doing the 5×5 workout for 6–7 weeks now and i’m squating 100kg.
i’m due to squat the same tomorrow at the gym.

I’ll take a quick look at the 5×5 workout for any further tips on losing weight it’s probably that I haven’t done much cardio recently and just been doing weights.
Hopefully tomorrow when I kick it a gear with some amino acids I’ll kick things in gear.

I’m caughing pretty bad tonight since this cold I had yesterday. Pretty bad stuff. I was in bed all day and didn’t do much….
Well…. actually I spend 2–3 hours setup a landing page on unbounce to test an idea through adwords to run an affiliate marketing scheme for selling some dating products.
I was trying to sell an ebook that shows you how to master online dating so that you have a higher chance of success.
It is possible to get a GF online through online dating, which I did with my 1st gf, alex b.
I must admit it was weird…dating online and meeting people there….. no way ever.
It wasn’t right, it’s not right at all to date someone you meet through your keystrokes.
Finding a girlfriend online isn’t right. it demonstrates that you as a guy or girl is not in the right frame of mind to have enough social skills to be with people in the first place. There is something that you need to do in life and it is to take the walk and build up the guts to talk to a chick.
You don’t have to drink a lot to get the confidence to get a chick. All you have to do is take the plunge. One of the reason why it is probably holding you back is because you don’t know what to say or what to do to even start and carrying on the conversation.

that’s what game helped me get more confident.

update: it’s saturday now
today i am not feeling to well, I am at Janet’s.
I’m going to do some reading and writing all day in regard to the coursework. But not feeling 100% because of this damn cold.

I just sprayed up the first defence nasal spray from vicks. god…my eyes are watering…. Ahhhh. 🙁
burn mother fucker!

Hopefully that’ll take care of that.

so today I am going to read through a small book on how to write fast then start tackling the essay/coursework.
I’ll go and download the plans from the google drive and start updating and planning some more.
Once i’ve got some descent amount of content and satisfied I’ve answered the question i’ll tackle the essay writing.

ohh god my nose is leaking 🙁

I’m also going to spend sometime writing up a blog post on the dating website.

I am also going to cancel the subscription on contactually and send some post at some point today on linkedin to connect with people and ask them them what their biggest problems are using the template from the customer development book.

A side note I am getting sick of people trying to teach others how to start their own business when their own business is to sell the teaching course….

anyway i’ll update this soon.


Today i’m

Today i’m focusing on finishing coursework 1 out of the way.
It has to be done today no other choice.

I am planning to re-do the plan and review it for Section A and then I’ll do one for section B.
After that is done i’ll review it again and start writing.

Each time i’ll work on the plan i’ll force myself to only 15min on the planning.
take a break and then re-review the plan for another 5min to see if there is much I can talk about in regards to this.

If there is more while reading i’ll add more to the plan.
Once i am happy to write i’ll start writing it up, i won’t go to too much detail but i need to get enough content to continue writing continuously

I also need to stop masturbating, and thinkign about porn.
I really want to stop it all for 2months+.

For now it’s to survive until next Sunday and then see how far I can go. I will not be allowed to watch or view any porn or naked pictures that are provocating in anyway.
I need to get it out of my system, its really bad.
I can’t go back to studies right now because of that at the moment. I’ve put on the clear my mind binaural tone for now to help.
Hopefully this will help me for now.