Feeling so stressed

Feeling so stressed, about everything lately.
my job is a bit of a mess. the health isn’t doing to well…. relationship is well a bit stressful.

I need a break from everything and everyone at the moment.
Hitting it hard from starting a business and everything lately has been a pain.

all i want is to work less, and I’ve just got so much work lately. the bid and the closing of the accounts with the subcontractors’.

What I am going to do is to focus on the previous project at work tomorrow and finish replying to one of the contarcto’rs assessment.
It should be easy there is a lot to be done though. for example going through the facts, everything.

I can do it, i am the man for the job. I need to reply to them and tell tehm that they can’t get all the money for the works.

I also will reply to their non-productive work as i believe this is some bullshit that isn’t right, it was never notified to us that it was something so small and not big.
it’s their poor management that really screwed things up on their end.

maybe first thing i’ll do tomorrow is to try get an extension on my coursework as I am slightly stressed on the deadline.
then i will take a quick review on the visa application to see if there is anything else i can look out for and get the documents to submit.
A bit hectic. but i think if we organise everything in a list it’ll be alright.

so tomorrow I will do the following:
1. apply for extension on the coursework
2. take a look at the road map for the visa application.
3. Reply to alpesh
4. take a look at the subcontractor
5. take a look at K’s application
4. look at the the project plan for the new bid

Hopefully that’ll be enough.

BTW i just bought the spotify account vs the napster one. feels way better than napster, its fast and has everything that i need in there.

in regards to the gf, i will need to go out for a bit this week to rest up and complete the coursework, and just chill with the mates on one of the weekend and just get out with the boys and try to pull some chicks.
Janet has been pissing me off on saturday. i went out of my way to buy an iphone for her, i got a 32 gb for her in the hopes that she’ll like it but…. when i gave it to her she was indeed happy but then kept on asking for the price and ask for it.
then it got to the point she went online to check it up, and she said why didn’t i get an iphone5s instead as it was the same price.
my heart sank and i got really pissed.
like wdf,…. the iphone 5c wasn’t enough for her.
the present wasn’t enough at all… didn’t like the way she went about it at all.

I think i need to work on myself for a bit again. this blog keep me in shape and mindful about what i do and don’t do. it does help relax and let things go in some ways.
wished janet would have spent sometime to listen and be curious about me. she instead talks about her own stuff. like an idiot i thought its the way its always going to be…. she didn’t even go out her way for me the way i have.
i don’t think she respects me that much in some sense, she is taking things for granted. maybe when i walk away from her it’d be best.
i’m just going to go out on the weekend relax, have fun and fuck around with chicks like back in the days and be the man, and play gods game.

i dont know if its the panadol or the blog but i feel less stress after writing this post up and listening to some indie tunes on my headphones.


ahhh she’s such a pain

ahh such an unproductive weekend…. girlfriend pissing me off, so ungrateful and entertainment killer…
planned to go out for a few drinks after dinner, but she doesn’t like the way I have fun. I’m just getting sick and tired that it’s always her way…

ahh hate this…
annoyed slightly,….

going to start hitting the streets and bar soon to find someone else.

Wasted money and time with her. fuck sake.

I feel I’m wasting so much time doing fuck all with her, sit there at hers and I can’t study or do much. all my time going to nowhere….

I’ll sleep it off.