Coming back

hey guys this has been sometime now.

This is a catchup, i normally would write down on the blog whenever I feel down or need to progress in my life.
I think there are some things I need to develop in my life at the moment.
These are :
1. finance
2. career
3. business
4. health (well this should be at the top)

My finance at the moment isn’t so so I would say, I’m earning enough but there is a high amount going out so I will need to look for some kind of system that will allow me to progress and improve my finance. I have tried to recently avoid spending on my credit card, got hate that stuff. It’s such an easy way to get in dept. I’ve had to recently buy insurance for my car which came up to £1400+ i think, even though the car is worth more than that.
But the point is to try resolve the finance to this and cutting all other unecessary expenses.

My career/education needs a bit of improvement, I am doing my coursework but it seems that it’s not a lack of distraction but I just seem to see that there is a lot to read that needs to be done. Maybe I could take a look at planning the whole week at answering the question and taking more and more notes. But at the moment I just can’t seem to plan properly from my mindmap, maybe I should take a look at my book on accelerated learning.

Business wise, since March this year i’ve been trying to setup a business, i’ve tried many things and it just seems not to pick up or just not interested after a while. It seems like a cumbersome effort to get it started with little help from people. I think the main issue was that I was doing it with other people which made it more complicated as it was part of my ideas and theirs merged and somehow it wasn’t working.
The recent one I have been working on is some kind of dating coaching/training service where we’ll teach people on a 1–1 basis. But looking at the amount of work required, etc… it seems daunting and I’ll probably need to dedicate a lot of time towards that. Which isn’t something I was looking for. What I am going to do now is work towards a software that seems interesting and is a copy of another software out there but targeted at a smaller niche, forum owners. Most forum owners wants to build a community which is something I quite enjoy, the fame, the followers, etc… it makes you a popular person which is pretty cool. It’s something I think I can be of some help and hopefully I can build something for me personally.
Since tinkering with starting a business I’ve dived into inbound marketing which I think was a cool thing to do, my mate is making millions running a business that sells content. But all of these are small components, and there is only a few software out there that enables a fully comprehensive method of content management (hubspot and the like) but its not really capturing the methodology that I believe would be great. a community.
nevertheless it’s something I’ll need to plan on a flow chart, pen and paper and actually sit down and develop at some point.

Maybe it is an aim that I would like to achieve next year around june/july after my studies. For now just planning, testing, etc… it does seem like a good idea as people always are looking for feedback on their ideas and post, and it should be okay for them to share suggestions, ideas, etc… maybe I need to take a look at what people are looking for when they join a forum.

other than everything else I need to work on my health, I haven’t been going to the gym lately because of my health and I shouldn’t let this continue. Tomorrow I will head to the gym and slowly ease my way into it again. At the moment I think I am more than 82kg, I haven’t had the chance to buy batteries for my scale. In another note I am also thinking of getting an exercise bike. I think it would be great to cycle for a good 10–20 min in the morning before going to work, it seems silent and I can hop on it when I need to read or think I think this would be really great to have at home to just jump on and do some riding. I will need to look into a good one that will help me with weight loss and toning. I am pretty sure this would help me. Maybe I could take a look at that for when I get paid at the end of the month and make do with what I have at the moment with just going to the gym and getting back into it. I think it would be quite good just jumping in and going on the bike now and then and getting fit.

on another note i had a car accident at the carpark in tesco this afternoon, first car accident. A bit gutted but something new in experience, I was calm and I was thinking automatically which was weird in a way but I had the calm. I resolve the situation.
Tomorrow I’ll have to call the car repair service to get some quotes to see how far I can go with this.