this weekends goal

Starting again from zero.


this weekend I am going to focus on game in a different way, the long journey there. The mastery way.

This weekend I need to just work on openers and transition


i will open with the intention of just trying to understand what she is saying and what traffic light she gave me.

then act upon it.


Just booked up to a pua bootcamp with venture to learn game 3.0


I booked myseful up for the london bootcamp with venture. hopefully this will be good. I really want to get the most out of this and beast it out!


First thing first! i need to identify what i want from all of this! what my ultimate goal is:

“I see myself in 5 years time living a life with little stress working very little and running a few successful businesses. I would wake up around 9am have sex, go gym, then work for a few hours then go gym again or just chill out, then back to work, back home meditate, rest and go out in the night having fun in a club.”


I want to be the guy who can do anything he set his mind too, i want to experience life to the fullest. I want to be able to go be the guy where the bouncer let me jump the queue without paying the entry free go in with my mates pickup the hottest, smartest professional chick around 20-25 who is just lush. Her breast, ass, lips must be just plush to touch.

in details:


  • – plush lips
  • – nice firm ass and boobs
  • – healthy and fit
  • – smart
  • – works a professional job
  • – adventurous
  • very sexua
  • caring
  • – black or brunette hair
  • short
  • nice hands
  • doesn’t drink too much
  • soft skin
  • takes care of herself
  • isn’t needy
  • can take my jokes
  • can take my crazy times
  • understanding
  • always want to learn


here is a detail list of things i want to be:

  • Very smart; can learn anything
  • Master my career
  • live in a flat/penthouse in central london
  • own a club/bar
  • own a restaurant
  • running my own businesses
  • travelling the world
  • working very little
  • teaching
  • pushing the boundaries of the construction industry by writing books/articles, etc..
  • being very healthy
  • learn self defence/combat
  • can do standup comedy



also other habit i want to master 

  • Health
  • eating well
  • exercising
  • can run for 30min without being tired
  • finance
    • successful career
    • understand all aspects of my job
  • manage my finance
  • spend well
  • good savings
  • can start businesses successfully
  • social
    • good friends
    • good social circle
    • good network to help with finance, health



    Another sticking point i have

    I have also identified another dedancy that I cannot approach on my own, i find it difficult to go about approaching on my own when my friends are talking to someone else. I also need to work out on how to approach without hesitation to the girls I want.

    hopefully i’ll get the previous one sorted.


    I’ll be aiming to just approach 10 sets doesn’t matter on the follow through, but 10 one after the other.


    Sticking point

    my sticking point currently are:

    I am not willing to approach the hot girls.

    why? i feel this fear in me when approaching…not sure why but I know it works.

    Also not giving a shit,

    next time i am out i want to go out and open 10 sets, just open with hey you look pretty / gorgeous, etc….

    just that! that’s all I want from it. Nothing more.