my goal

my potential soul mate :

  • be smart (book work preferably!)
  • love black and white movies and enjoy watching it with me!
  • she needs to have a cool accent, no ghetto lingo!
  • she would need to do something other than retail, or fast food! (preferably someone in a professional job, who constantly tries to achieve higher in her carreer!)
  • she got to love music but not push it onto me! i don’t mind whatever she likes but a great turn on would be if she likes RHCP or nirvana!
  • she defnetly needs to be active, not boring by sitting down
  • she needs to be caring! and thoughtfull!
  • animal lover but not forced to buy one please!

i would want to have a long term relationship! i don’t mind dating 2-3 girls at the same time until i pass through the 6 months hump!