How to be an adult in a relationship

Just bought this book on the kindle on how to be an adult in a relationship so far it has hel me in calming myself down,
Yesterday when I was with C I got a bit jealous as she was talking to her Childs father on slype at dinner. I guess I shouldn’t have looked at her phone upside down.
I also felt a bit jealous because he is coming down permanently and I felt jealous and scared as to what that would mean? Does Oliver know about me and C?
Was it the reason she wanted to breaku with me a few days ago?

Not likely? I dont know as we are still together even though there is no spark or we are taking it very slow. I just don’t know.
For now I am acting as a friend towards her and hopefully we do get together in time,

Just also been thinking that because she will be a nurse in the future we won’t have much tine to ourself. Would that even help us build a relationship? Am I right to be with her?

Is my patience running thin? Would I be able to cope with it in the long run?

It feels risky but i don’t want to lose her. 

Just alone need to blog a little

Cheryl and I are together in some sort of relationship.
But we are having trouble here and there.

Last week we had an argument she said she wasnt feeling that she was ready for a relationship.
I was gutted. Felt lead on.
When we first talked about it, I was trying to convince her that’d I’d be there for here, but now it doesn’t matter.

I feel she never wanted me, I lied to myself.
She never wanted a guy like me, maybe the thought of us being together now wouldn’t work.
Sex and all the relationship was never considered.
I guess she would never have been with me to that level. I feel that no one would.
Feel like I’m always the best friend never boyfriend,