hmmm for some reason i just really really scared. You know that feeling where your heart just beats fast and you have this weird sensation of a cold sweat.?

welll this is getting to me, I’ve had it for a few hours and its just annoying!


arrr just tired!, Morning!

I just woke up at 13:30 today from a text from my mate, i just couldn’t and didn’t want to wake up. My chest and shoulders are in pain. I don’t think I’m heading to the gym today. Just a bit too much of a pain.
My muscle just feels a continuous burn and its starting to get annoying.

However, i’d like to go out to watch a movie today. But don’t know with who to go to. I’d want to watch toy story.

I might stay home today and work on my little php project and adding new features to it. 


Went out tonight, well I didn’t expect to stay heading to found and bars so I had to leave early. Starting to head home now.
Just knackered. I just want to go sleep.

Ohhhhh man realised I’m very shy and can’t walk up to randompeople to have a convo. I thought I coulis but not how I saw it to be.
Today I saw this dude who just did what I wanted to always do.
Just walk to random people sand start a convo.
I wad amazed, he did it naturally. I find it a bit hard to take in to try figure out how he did it.

I know its not a big problem atm, but you know this skill is always good to have.

This phone is getting a bit annoying, the data connection is just off at times. Just soo annoying.
Can’t wait for the froyo update. Hopefully it fixes it!


Morning, everyone.

Morning, everyone.

seems like I might be staying home today, I’m just going to work on my website.
Just a bit scared about a friend of mine who has cancer. She is thinking of pushing us away so that we don’t get hurt.
I’ve told her we’ll be there, i’ll be there for her no matter what.
however, she feels that because of my issues its a reason not to talk to me at all and that she is putting pressure on us.
It’s just frustrating everything that’s happening with all of us.

ahh hopefullly i get to finish my website to sort all errors. 

nearly got deported yesterday at eaton house in hounslow. Fucking scary and im still shocked they tried to do it.

all because they ‘seem’ to not have a piece of paper that i’ve shown them before.

arrr useless