Now I understand dissertation proposal….a bit late

From re-reading example proposals this morning, I finally realised what it is. Proposals is an issue or an investigation that you feel needs to be done. It has its literature review, this one bugged me the most, I didn’t understand why my supervisor wanted me to get new information. Now I realised why, the literature review is a review of what other people are saying in the industry about a certain topic, you will pick up ideas of what to write from them and base your study on that.

From there, one you have told the university what you want to do, you then start writing about your dissertation, like making a few notes on what to cover to answer your question.

Basically the proposal will outline a question for yourself, then in the dissertation you start answering the question while still covering the aims and objectives you outlined.

For the next few weeks I will be concentrating on writing these dissertation drafts and submitting them to my lecturer. I will try to aim on completing a few chapters in 3 weeks and submitting them to my supervisor. This is my personal deadline which I have to meet, it will be Monday the 8th of February. I should aim to get 3 chapters done with at least 3-5000 words in there. My plan should be complete by then.

By setting this deadline I will force myself on completing my work. Well this is me talking to myself, so I’ll go back to my dissertation now. 

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