Weekly updates for 2010-01-31

  • Good night guys! Hopefully I can get some good sleep tonight. Yes….i know it’s 21:15…. #
  • Morning all, had a slow start today. Gotta do some Reading and write a plan for my dissertation. #
  • Off to Uni, came back from the gym.
    I should consider going very early to the gym. I still got free kornflakes giveaway at fitnessfirst #
  • Got 62% for my construction and environment coursework. Awesome! #
  • Heading back home, starting to get annoyed with people on my forum, ppl can’t read announcement. They want bespoke from an offshelf product. #
  • Good night all! I’m off to bed to wake up at 6:00am to go gym #

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Weekly updates for 2010-01-24

  • Coffee BREAK!! only break I like! #
  • Inspirational Speech http://ow.ly/Shc4 #
  • I’m back on my O2 sim card guys! #
  • Morning all! Dying from the cold! Any thermal insulation around my body will not work! I’ve also gone incognito on Twitter from prying eyes. #

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Now I understand dissertation proposal….a bit late

From re-reading example proposals this morning, I finally realised what it is. Proposals is an issue or an investigation that you feel needs to be done. It has its literature review, this one bugged me the most, I didn’t understand why my supervisor wanted me to get new information. Now I realised why, the literature review is a review of what other people are saying in the industry about a certain topic, you will pick up ideas of what to write from them and base your study on that.

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Spending time at uni

It has been quite a while since I’ve spent sometime at uni, well mostly at the SU bar. The bar has sort of changed, it has new lighting which makes it all new and bright. I quite like it, but some say the new coat of paint won’t do much to improve the bar. Well I just think they are not looking on the bright side of things.

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Aims, Needs, Want, Plan…focusing it

Continuing from a post I did yesterday about where I want to be and focusing my objective on my relationship and social life. While browing my RSS feeds I found this interesting article on self-development & goals. It is a 5 part entry and since writing this entry there have been only 3 of 5 entries available to the public. Combining that article and a few previous readings I’ve done I will go through some steps to achieve my goal and see results.

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The Lightning Thief

Just listened to an audiobook (unabridged) of the first of the series of Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Its quite a good book, it is similar and has nearly the same feel as Harry Potter. But it’s different.

This books gives you the mystery of learning with the main character. Percy, a demi-god. Its probably what sold the Jason Bourne books and the Harry Potter book. (Side note, Robert Ludlum’s Bourne Identity!, it’s very different from the movies and it’s much better too!)


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While revising I stumbled on this amazing stop motion video by Oren Lavie.

Today I have done quite a bit of revision. I woke up early (7:30am) which was really easy as I had a good night sleep. During the day I was able to complete most of my revision for one of the modules I am doing at Uni (construction and the Environment). Continue reading “Sleep”

Exam time

I’ve noticed that at around exam time I am more prone to script or programme something. I am more creative.

I was able to complete a story book and finish off an update for my paid script that I have been selling for nearly 6 months now. I also started to venture in starting to screencast how-to videos for a software that I use frequently. I feel so distracted by these that I feel like that I have to finish them off to continue.

Anywho I’ve done quite a bit of revision for the past 3 days :(. I know its bad starting very late like always for an exam which is due on Thursday.

I am planning on Tackling three more chapters for my exam on Thursday as well as 1 chapter for my exam next Monday. It feels that I haven’t done a lot of note taking recently, but just reading the lecture notes and answering questions. Continue reading “Exam time”