Weekly updates for 2009-12-27

  • I am secretly wishing I had a long distance relationship so that I can lie about not being single #
  • It's Christmas eve! YAy #
  • It doesn't look like a White Xmas http://ow.ly/i/eOM #
  • Hmm heading home, tired and hungry. Someone owes me a lot! #
  • I've been eating too much lately…. #
  • Off to take a nap while listening to some audiobook. #
  • love twitter #
  • just bought a dual sim card for my Iphone from Hong Kong…expected delivery…3-4 weeks 🙁 #
  • Tomorrow serious revision for January! Guys I might be heading to Uni on Saturday anyone interested? #
  • Back from the deadly nap that took hours away from my life! #
  • Ok… just burnt something in the kitchen…tooo much distraction #
  • ooh nice find : ? Season of the witch – Donovan ? #
  • War on Terror game at JKs birthday http://ow.ly/PoXM #
  • Over stuffing myself 🙂 xmas style! #
  • RT @DesignerDepot: Mommy is Santa: http://bit.ly/7FSZiK #
  • what is everyone's new years resolution? #
  • Final Fantasy XIII pre-order on Amazon http://ow.ly/PqjN #
  • Princess and the Frog, looks good … http://ow.ly/PpAO #
  • Filmmaker confronts mother's killer in documentary
    | Reuters http://ow.ly/PqWA #
  • I'm battling the sync feature with my Iphone. It's really confusing, apple can't you make it most simpler? #
  • just realised nothing is open tomorrow, I guess I'll start reading some books 🙂 #
  • Strange my nose is bleeding for no apparrent reason #
  • Off to sleep #
  • December has been busy for me. I only have 13/800 txt & 29/600 minutes left this month. #
  • RT @A_Porcupine: Before I sleep! Here are some epic glasses! http://bit.ly/92XNQ3 #
  • How do we get facebook users to join Twitter? #
  • I can't physically get out of bed, it's too comfortable 🙂 #
  • syncing 900+ contacts onto my phone…I am pretty sure I only need a few of them 🙁 #
  • planning my revision for the holidays #
  • Finally downsized 900 contacts to a manageable 180 all thanks to Gmail contacts #
  • deleted all my contacts by accident 🙁 but don't worry kaps is smart! he backed up all the contacts! phew…. #
  • ok facebook + outlook + gmail + iphone contacts are all in sync! #
  • RT @DesignerDepot: Steve Jobs: How to live before you die: http://bit.ly/7c9cNa #
  • I'm well happy! I spent Christmas cleaning my contact list for the New Year #
  • Exercises for Better Focus and Concentration | Personal development for a perfect life http://ow.ly/PF7X #
  • I'll be on my Orange sim for a few days, just warning you guys #
  • Japanese man takes video game character as wife
    | sad? http://ow.ly/PNxG #
  • coffee break ! #
  • Doing my workout at home! It's quite interesting I can't find a lot of workout without the use of weights, I'm referring to net every 5min #
  • off to shopping in London in a bit, the trains are not quite working, part-suspended on 3/4 of the lines in London #
  • wow my wallet feels very light! i just removed a handful of important receipts and notes #
  • Ok I officially have no credit on my O2 sim… Where did 900 txt and 600 min go in 25 days? #
  • RT @events_london: Harrods Winter Sale: Shopping @ Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, SW3 1RT 10am-8pm #
  • stuffed myself with M&Ms , sweets and a large pizza today… no more *bad food* i need to keep focus on my goals #
  • Had a good stroll in london today! We walked at least 9miles+ and we saw a smoking rabbit http://ow.ly/i/fq8 #
  • I think a good 1 hour cardio will burn most of what I ate today, the gym better be open tomorrow #
  • Love All saints retail! the clothes makes you look very laid back! #
  • listening to AC/DC – Hell's Bells,… damn too much sugar, I can't sleep #
  • No more txt http://ow.ly/i/fqZ #
  • Visited the Bodyshop today and the body butter smells and tastes like JAM! I wanted to spread the £12.00 jam on some toast and munch it. #
  • What's your New Year's resolution/aim? #
  • morning everyone! #

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Nearly another year over, Xmas tomorrow

Reflecting over the past months of 2009, I have had a very hectic life. Losing my job, starting uni full time, getting dumped, finding someone new, embarrassed, lost weight, and a lot more. It was entertaining, sad and emotional.

I’ve learnt a lot more and experience a lot more than I ever had in my life. I’ve learnt that life is short and I need to make the most out of it.

Lately I’ve gone through the highest and lowest part of my life and I realised that at the weakest times I acted foolishly and stupidly, I have to change. I have to make a new years resolution. I have to do something that will improve my life. Make it better in every way that I wanted. Maybe a fresh new page to my life.

I was thinking for next year I need to set myself a new resolution which will push me to my limits and get me to become a better person. I will post some ideas tomorrow.