Tip #3: When at the door at girl’s house after a date


When you come back from a night out with a girl and you think a kiss will be a good time, make sure that she is up for it. A hint of not wanting anything is that she has the keys in the door or she is already halfway through the door before she tells you good night.
If she doesn’t want a kiss then, try say something like “I had a good time but hmmmm it could have been better. Well…. look i’m going for coffee tomorrow, want to tag along?….bring a book”


Tip #2: Avoid midnight snacks

Cow juice or milkshakes
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If you want to keep your weight on the healthy side, try avoiding high carb foods before going to sleep. And if you do find yourself wondering down the kitchen with an grumbling stomach try go for high protein foods as it will keep your stomach full for longer.

This is where a protein shake could help a lot. Pour yourself a mug or glass of protein shake with milk instead of water.( that is if your brand allows mixes with milk).


Best place to find live music events

Last.fm’s event listing is the most comprehensive list of live music events I’ve seen. So if you are planning a long term relationship it’s a good place to go. Well for your 3rd date onwards. This will make her rate you more attractive and easy-going.


Tip #1: There are plenty of fishes in the sea

Yes, that’s right there is plenty of fishes in the sea. Whenever you meet, see or go out with someone and it doesn’t turn out well, don’t worry there are plenty more out there.

Truely, there is plenty of them out there and you don’t have to worry about it. Especially at pubs/bars as girls get approached 3-10 times a day and they will probably not remember you the next day or the next week.

And you should take advantage of this to practice building your confidence. Just give a small wink and a slow smile to random girls, if you are unable to talk to them. Even better a quick and small wave while keeping eye contact.


Freddy Kruger shot

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I found this really nice confidence bringing shot which everyone HAS to try!
Basically you have get the following in a shot glass and poured in the order listed:

  1. Jagermeister
  2. Sambuca
  3. Vodka

Or to make look really weird and awesome, just pour it in this order:

  1. Sambuca
  2. Vodka
  3. Jagermeister!

This shot will boost your confidence, lose your fear and keep you AWAKE for the night! Oh yeah I would recommend taking a RED BULL to keep yourself sober and aware while partying cheaply for the night!

Warning: Oh BTW this will really give you a kick!