My thoughts tonight for the past few weeks

This week has been ok, I haven’t touched my revision or done extremely well at the gym.

In a few weeks time I will have an exam, and a pretty big one. I haven’t done much revision or reading towards it. I have been busy trying to get finish off a web project that I started a year ago and it has been bothering me to finish it ever since I had this immigration problem.

I am so up and hasted in finishing it that it has affected my revision and gym progress.  I somehow stayed up all night until 2am to finish a piece of the code. I don’t know what is wrong with me. Is it the pressure of others to finish it? is it the loose ends that i need to cut off? or is it that I have to reclaim my name for another project to make a few cash on this downturn of the economy?

I really don’t know. 

I also had the erge to start doing screencasts for guides and such.

I also had the erge of getting a new domain and starting fresh, but I am not to sure if I should.


I think I need some more time on all of this, I’ll try to push for a release in around June and just do maybe a 1 hour job on the script every 2-3 days. 

I just really want to make skin templates and sell to give me a few £ to pay for my bills. That’s all, but this *thing* on finishing off old project is damn hard to overcome. I’ll sleep over my options tonight and see what I can do tomorrow.


Update, I’m now 84kg only 4kg till my new target

48/365 - 10 Less in 30 Days
Image by oblivion9999 via Flickr

My new weight is now 84.5kg!

I am quite happy I sort of skipped 85kg somehow….

Well anyway now that I reached and passed my 85kg target I am now aiming to reach 80kg within 4 weeks or 1 week after my exams on the first of June. I will be going to the gym everyday, no matter what the weather or circumstances I must dedicated myself to going.

Once I reach my goal, which I hope is around June time, I will have the summer holidays to work really hard to tone up and build a good chest and arms. My aim for this year is to get around 78kg with a  body fat percentage of 8-12. Which should be really good. And hopefully I’ll be sorted with my immigration issues.