Nice week

This week I’ve been to the gym throughout the week. It was a good intense workout. I went in Tuesday (weights), Wednesday (cardio), Thursday (Weights) and today I had a programme done again from a personal trainer. This time around I am going to aim to be at the gym 5 times a week and include at least 30min of cardio in each session and at least 2 sessions of weights throughout the week.

This will seem feasible as I won’t have too much work throughout this semester as I only have two modules. This will therefore allow me to go to the gym while I can study slowly. This semester I will try to organise myself properly to revise everything within the week so that I can create spare time for gym and going out.

My goal
As I have just reached 90kg I am going to try to get down to 85kg within a few weeks while still toning up. My final yearly goal will be to reach 80-82kg. Once that I have reached that weight I will work on building an upper body and strengthen my back. Probably for next year’s goal I will aim to improve my fitness and try to get into a marathon and run at least 10km with 45min.

About the girl

I met her online, and we spoke for days and weeks now. She is a really nice girl, she shares my interest and she is really outgoing. She is fond of the arts and she seems really creative.
We have spoken on the phone 3 times now but most of our conversation is on MSN. I asked her out and we are to meet in February as she wants to know me more and she has a lot to do.
Her life has been really busy and she had a bad experience with relationships and she wants something that sticks. That is why she wants to take her time with everything (she didn’t quite say it but i guessed it by the way she was talking about it.)
It’s not that it seems weird but she likes me, it is the first time someone would take time out of their day to ask how I am every day (except from immediate family of course).
It seems whatever we have at the moment is somewhat strong and really good. I hope this does goes forward. I will post more about this in the future.
Even if this does not work out, whatever I felt during the last 2-3 weeks helped me increase my confidence and social skills in the pub/bar. I somehow know what the girls may want to talk about or how to get the conversation going. But I am more focused of what I have atm, her.

I’ll post something in the near future. 

Happy and tired

I have been tired lately, I keep staying up with this girl I met for a few days now. I am not complaining, but it does feel good speaking to her. She is really magical and understanding. I really like her. We have set a date in february.
We’ve cancelled the one in this weekend coming up as she had a lot of work to do for college.

Also her birthday is coming up aswell as valentine and I don’t quite know what to get her for the occassionS.

I’m a bit too tired to type anything up ATM. I’ll post more tomorrow or tonight.

Great week

Lost weight, completed my exams, found love!

This week I was able to reach below 90kg and stay there. I currently weight around 89kg.

I completed my exam, but i have to redo one in July time for Measurement. 🙁 But the Law exam pull my spirit up, it was funny and really good.

And I found LOVE!, I met this girl online, and we have been talking everyday, online aswell as on the phone whenever she has time. I’ll talk more about her when I get time. I’m currently talking with her. We both like each other and we got a date set, i’ll post more later on