This weekend’s plan

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This week and today
I have had a great Xmas week. I only went to the gym today and did a serious 2 hours total body exercise.
I did 30 minutes of cardio and at least around 45 minutes of resistance and weights. I also tried a new exercise. It’s called Cable squat Row and pull. I tried this one as it works on your whole body; legs, back, torso and arms. I would recommend you try it once if you have a weighted cable.

I also did quite a lot of upper body weight and it felt good. But I didn’t feel the soreness that I normally get after a work out….Well we’ll just see tomorrow morning if my muscle are sore.

Quick note: You should not do any workout if you are in sharp pain, if it is a  muscle pain and anything below the neck it should be OK. But consult a doctor before doing anything.

The weekend
This weekend I am planning to go to the Islington (platinum) fitness first in the morning and then head to my university to revise for the day. I am planning to eat some home made sandwich to bring or I could put some tuna in a container with some green pepper, tomato,  olives and other things that I can find at the store.

Tomorrow I am planning to do some cardio and some little bit of weights. Maybe I would be doing some rowing and running. I might even try for 1 hour straight running! My longest ATM is 40min at around 9km/h or 6mi/h. And that is on around 1-1.5 incline!

I’ll post up on an update soon!!

Some nice links for a healthy living

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I just thought that it would be really good to share some of my links that I visit often which helps me out.

Top 42 Exercise Hacks

This is  a list of things to keep reminding yourself what to do and keep doing. Trust me it will help you a lot once you get started or are planning to start.

Body type workouts 2 – Endomorph: Do this workout if you have a bell-shaped body and a tendency to store fat
This is a really good list of exercises that you can do if you are an endomorph. Exercise
If you are totally new to exercise or want to understand how to be successful at your weight loss / exercise, this is a really good portal to visit.

This one is a daily visit, I regularly go on it to update my profile and and update my daily food meter and burn meter. It has a decent list of foods and exercise. There is also a nifty tool that tells you what food to try to substitute to be healthier.

Well I got a few more but I will post them later on.


I think I have hit a plateau, for the past 2-3 weeks I have been around the 91-90kg mark.

What causes a plateau?

1. Lowering my calorie intake: by going down on the calorie intake, my body would get into starvation mode, this means that everything I will be eating will be stored up as fat faster. And because my body is an endomorph I am already pron to storing fat.

Solution: Lower the deficit to around 300-500 calories instead of 700-800 calories.

2. Lost of muscle mass:

solution: Include strength training exercises in my workout. More muscle = more calories burnt.

3. Got used to the regular program

Solution:Get a personal trainer and change your routine and add more reps/sets to your work out to burn parts of your body.

My Plan

I will try to change my routine for the following weeks and month. I will only stick to one routine for 2 weeks until I change so that it keeps my body active to the unplanned work. I will try to incorporate  a lot of different exercises and do more reps and eat better.

Below are some screens of the guide I described before in a previous post. Please use it to help you lose weight

This week in review

This week was quite different from the weeks in the past few months. This is so as this week I went to the gym 4 days continuously and did around 1 hour of exercise.

After 4 days I feel quite burnt up and not stressed out as much. I feel quite warm and hot atm, might be the metabolism  being risen.

No revision done so far, I am aiming to do some tomorrow.

Recently I posted about something I found on Men’s fitness. If you are in the UK and is aiming to lose weight I would recommend to spend a few £ on this month’s issue.

Basically there is 9 pages from page 54. It has a really good and rough guide to getting to your goal (which I presume is definition or weight loss (fat loss)).

It breaks it down to the 3 body types; ectomorph, endomorph  and mesomorph.

If you missed the issue I can help you out in getting a copy of the section, it is definetly worth getting! 

had a good workout

Men's Fitness
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After work today I went to the gym again, not too tired.

I also found something new today after reading men’s fitness magazine. The best way to burn fat is to do continuos cardio on a fatburn zone. the fatburn zone is 60% of your target heart rate.

By doing that you are more prone to burn fat.

I will be trying it out for a few days and see what happens.

BTW this week I am aiming to get around 90kg and below. This is my goal for 2008, and I really want to achieve it.

I’ll post update soon


Today I hit the gym after work.

I felt really sleepy finishing off work tonight. I felt like not going, but I eventually took the car keys and went. I was not disappointed, it actually helped.

Well it could have been the coffee I had before going, but anyways I had a good 40min cardio and 10min core exercise and a cooldown.

I also need to start doing some revision for January as it will be pretty fucking tight! I will have my first exam on the 5th when I come back from holiday.

Tomorrow’s plan is to get all my shit done for work, head to the library if I am not tired and maybe go to the gym.


For some reason I have been really sleepy all day for no reason. It just got me and hit me hard. I nearly dozed off at work.

I probably need to get something checked up asap at the GP.

Well enough talking for tonight, I will post a little bit more tomorrow. 

Walked in the freezing cold today!

I walked for around 3-4 hours in the freezing cold today with just a big jacket, fleece and gloves. From a quick calculation it worked out that I burnt more than 900 calories walking, which is pretty good.

I hope tomorrow will be the same and that I will be able to hit the gym quite early and then burn some more. Then I will try to concentrate on my coursework and revision for January!

I also did something bad today, I ate a muffin and a few chocolate. I skipped my normal lunch and had a pasty as I wanted something really hot.


I went to Morissons to get a veggie pasty, but to later find out that the pasty was super cold! I waited for around 10-15min for it and it was not worth it!. Fresh not!

I’ll keep you guys updated now that I have some more time on my hand.