My bank; pure crap

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This is the third time my bank has been a bitch to me. I have money in the bank.
Roughly £200.
And I know well that I have that amount in the bank, but for some f***ing reason they are not allowing me to take the money out.

For the past 3-4 months I have been having problems with them. The thing is that I have a visa electron, and somehow I cannot seem to take money out in some places. What bullshit card and bullshit bank.
And sometimes when I have funds in the bank they decide (like today) not to f***ing authorise it.

I am changing my bank or opening a second one so that I always have some sort of backup somewhere so that I don’t get problems like today.

Don’t need a new phone.

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After my recent post and some serious thoughts I don’t need a new phone.

Owning the latest phone is just a hype that is going to end within a year or so. As something better will come out to become the better phone.

Here is what my phone has:
Google maps

And that is all that I need.

What the iphone offered me is the same as above but in a better interface.
The question I asked myself is this “if I can still do what I do on the old phone why do I need a better interface to insert a new appointment entry?”

No, I don’t. And the difference between my pda and the iphone is that one has a full qwerty keyboard (tactile) rather than a new touch screen keyboard

I am not getting a new phone

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I am not getting any new phone until I find that my current xda mini s cannot handle my use or breaks down.
This will save me a lengthy contract from o2 if I do get a new phone.

The thing is that I only use my phone to communicate and manage my calendar.
So no iphone anytime soon.

Here are some of the thoughts that was running through my head to this decision

If there was no iphone would I really go and find a new phone? maybe, as I blame the iphone to start this new era in the mobile technology, which is getting everyone

If I did not finish my contract on my xda mini s would I still be looking for a phone? or would I be looking for a phone if I was not on contract?

Food Control

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I kept eating and eating today. It was pretty bad. I had 2 pastry, fish and chips, a muffin, and a few other junk food.
I am pretty unhappy about that and to counter that I might be going for a run tonight for 30min or so to beat my 38min record around a 5km run.

That is if it does not rain.

Sick again

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After 2-3 weeks out of the cold and flu period I somehow caught something different. This time my lips are swelled up and I have this random caugh.

My lowest weight was reached 1 week ago. it was a at 92.7kg which is pretty amazing. Now it seems i am putting it back on, i got up to 93.7 and 94kg this morning.

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